When I started my personal blog over at jtbourne.com back in 2009, I really wanted to get “bardown.com” as my address. It was taken, so I kept it simple, but still: it was something my roommates (and others) used to say to describe a great shot in hockey – one that hits the crossbar and goes directly down, hitting the ice before the back of the net.

Example: in practice, in line waiting to do a drill:

“Just scored a sweet goal at the other end.”

“Bardown dot com?”

“Bardown dot com.”

It comes with a satisfying ping, and it’s as high as you can shoot the puck while still scoring.

At the time, the site name was taken, so I left it alone and nearly forgot about it until I saw Michael Handzus score in the shootout against the Ducks last night, and instinctively said “bardown.com.”

Well-placed, good sir.