Before we pile on Mike Komisarek too much, I gotta say: I get it. He was practicing his shot after practice, was struggling to hit his spot (which in this case was “the net”), had a temper tantrum, and shattered his stick, presumably on the crossbar or boards by the bench. I’ve been there, you’ve been there, we’ve all had hockey-related meltdowns.

Unfortunately for the Leafs’ assistant captain, a chunk landed in his eye, requiring him to get a suture and miss a day of practice. That’s just bad luck.

And pretty hilarious.

Here are the four tweets I first saw about it this afternoon, which basically sum up the same point.




I dunno if they tried to keep this a secret at first or what – yesterday, Carlyle and Komisarek both said it was a freak accident doing something embarrassing – but they decided to come out with it today after all.

Presumed Carlyle quote: “No Mike, I said I wanted you to work on hitting the netina game. Not your own…nevermind.”