Today’s Backhand Shelf Podcast was a personal favourite of the hosts. We de-rail with a random Peter Budaj game at one point, but drop it into gear serious on a few topics that require it. We discussed:

* Josh Harding’s early exit, the immediate MS references that follow

* PM Bouchard’s “generosity”

* The Blackhawks team D, overall talent

* Spezza’s back surgery

* Craig Anderson’s start

* The Luongo/Schneider situation

* Yakupov’s latest goal celebration

* Fans referring to their favourite team as “we” (if you missed it on Twitter last night, I linked to this article I wrote explaining why I’m okay with it. It’s the last topic on the podcast, but we go around on it for a solid ten minutes. There’s a bit of navel-gazing, but definitely check it out if that’s a topic that interests you.)

* And much more

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