The real #1 best pic: can't explain why I love it so much.

I never understood why so many of my teammates chose not to wear their fake teeth. I mean, I get it during the game – having your teeth in doesn’t provide you with a benefit, so why risk a complication – but still: we’re headed out to a movie, buddy, are they that hard to put in? The no-tooth thing is part of the whole hockey player vibe though, I guess. If you’re going as a hockey player for Halloween, you’d inevitably black out a tooth.

Related: if you were going as a hockey player for Halloween, you’d try to look as much as like Zack Kassian as humanly possible.

Dude is off to a great start in Vancouver, with five goals and a number of fights already under his belt through eight games, which has earned him a promotion to the top line alongside the Sedins. It’s this great start that got my attention, and brought me to his Getty Images page.

And HOLY CRAP: Zack Kassian is (unintentionally?) hilarious. I don’t actually know a whole ton about the guy aside from the fact that he takes amazing pictures. I’ve selected the ten best after eight games for your viewing pleasure, and I intend to stay on this throughout the season. Let’s dive in.


Don’t worry, the looks get more blank as we go.


His grimaces are not subtle, as you’ll figure out.


Big Giggles should really be his nickname.


Pretty standard offensive position. I mean, it’s like Crawford just played the “cups” game with him and he can’t figure out which one the ball is currently under.


“Put ‘er there, lil’ guy!”


Remebering he has a dentist appointment tomorrow.


Hot chick in the third row face.


With his linemates.


Grrr, defending linemates. “I don’t really like doing this but I’m really good at it so here, eat this fist.”

And finally, your reminder that Zack Kassian is a nice, normal looking guy who just happens to be very expressive and refuses to wear his fake front tooth. I’ll stay on this, I promise. Doing the Lord’s work here.


Oh, and if you want more on Kassian the player, not the goofball, nice post by Jeff Angus on him here.