Happy World’s Most Generic Day! I mean really – can you think of a more generic, average day than Tuesday, February 5th? Still winter. Winter behind, winter ahead, in fact. No holidays in sight. Days aren’t long yet, not all that short. It’s just…a day. A random, stupid work day. DEPRESSED YET?

Never fear! The Backhand Shelf Podcast is here to help! Today we discussed:

* The Leafs gross lineup

* The Canes heading the right way

* The Canucks doing the same, with help from back-up/starter Roberto Luongo

* The coaching styles of Boudreau and Carlyle

* Realizing your team sucks as a player

* “Let’s go Blue Jays” chant at Leafs games

* Arena standardization

* And much, much more. Some real debate towards the end.

You can listen to it here:


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