Jordan Staal, #11 in white, scores on the above play. I love Reimer’s “HEY, A LITTLE HELP HERE ON THIS OPEN GUY???” point.


Maybe don’t defend like this.

(Real Systems post coming tomorrow morning. Stick-tap to Reddit-user bounce7 for the image)

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  1. Is this a mite game?

  2. Holzer should be on Staal.
    Grabbo should be on the guy Holzer’s on.
    Kulemin should be up near the hashmarks/faceoff dot.

  3. Looks like my team from last year

  4. This team is a joke.

  5. Staal is the centreman. If Holzer’s man goes into the corner, he shouldn’t follow him too far, he should stay in front of the net. But Staal, being the centre, should be covered by Grabovski. And yeah, Kulemin is way too far deep. As they are, they’ve given the Canes the option of going to the front of the net, or if they can’t get it there, they always have a wide open point shot.

  6. he as open as a Kardashians legs LOL

  7. I told my rec league team our defensive zone coverage was breaking down and now I see someone got a picture to prove it.

    Oh, wait…

  8. I enjoy the fact that its only a “maybe” on not defending like that.

  9. So to tl;dr the sequence, if I remember it correctly, for anyone wondering wtf:

    Holzer was fighting with someone for position to win the icing race (Skinner I think?), lost. Liles races back to get the icing call, so Holzer doesn’t pursue. Skinner manages to get there first and just beat Liles (good call by the linesman). Grabovski coasts in to provide support as Holzer mashes his panic button and flies into the corner covering the guy he’s on (ostensibly the person Grabo should have been on). Grabovski kind of floats seeing everyone covered and Kulemin providing support on the wall.

    Holzer and Grabovski both suddenly notice Reimer is screaming about Staal being alone in front, and they move to converge just as the puck comes out of the corner. Staal makes a nice move to beat Reimer (who, admittedly, commits early), and I smashed my keyboard (I was streaming this game).

    Now you’re all caught up.

  10. Randy Carlyle: OK, guys, remember that goal at World Juniors that Bourney looked at? With all the “HUMANS” in a row in front of the goalie? Remember, we don’t want to do that tonight. OK, Holzer, your line’s next.

    :::insert above post::::

    Randy Carlyle: And they wonder why I don’t bother with the whiteboard…

  11. Come on guys, it’s obviously puck support. Lots of it.

  12. Can one of the advanced stat guys tell us what the chances are that the puck makes it past all of those sticks and skates to the open guy in front of the net?

  13. Just a question… where was the 5th Leaf ? changing on the fly? ;)

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