Carolina Hurricanes v Philadelphia Flyers

Happy humpday! Today’ s podcast was far less Leafy, you’ll be pleased to hear. We discussed:

* Late punches in fights (Sestito and Lecavalier)

* The Devils are tough to figure out. The Rangers too, actually

* Making head shots reviewable – can’t be kicking innocent guys out

* What kind of goalie is MA Fleury at this point?

* And much, much more

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Comments (6)

  1. “Late punches in fights (Sestito and Lecavalier)”

    Do you mean Rinaldo? Rinaldo was the one who fought last night and Sestito was the one who scored two gials.

  2. Noon’s Don Cherry voice is hilarious….


  3. As a Devils fan, I’m used to the New Jersey flying under the radar year after year (read: disrespected year after year). What I don’t get is how people always look over Elias… Patrick Elias is to the Devils, as the Devils are to the NHL.

  4. Why are referees not calling an Aggressor penalty on these late punches? Seems like putting the team short handed an extra 2 minutes would (hopefully) cut out alot of that crap.

  5. Hi, I’m from the “weird place” as you described, Finland. Though I don’t recognize it like that, but I have to admit that I’m far far away.

    Like your podcast’s, good work. Those predictions are funny, because when I listen these, the games are already finished and I can say in my mind – Wrong again….
    Keep up…

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