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Happy snow day, east coasters. And to the rest of you…happy Friday.

Today we discussed:

* The Tim Thomas “trade”

* Vanek’s season to date

* Kessel finally gets one

* Ovy and the Caps are frustrated

* Torres fights Mayers

* And more

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Comments (4)

  1. Moar Scott Lewis.

  2. Thank you guys for touching on the SI article. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I got to #1. As a Habs fan, its abundantly clear that PK draws the ire of the rest of the league’s fans – but how he could be considered more “hated” than guys who have done actual things to deserve bad press. I feel the same about Brad Marchand.. Ya, as a Habs fan I dislike the guy – but should he be more hated than Raffi Torres? Beyond comprehension.

  3. Good thing the Backhand Shelf is better than the Basketball Jones. Those guys are so weak and irritatingly annoying. You guys are way better since you are just sound like normal dudes, not wannabes or suckers that just want attention.

  4. Noon, aren’t the Ducks the favourite against Dallas tonight? I think you had that backwards.

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