New Jersey Devils goalie Martin Brodeur may be showing his age today against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Broduer, age 40,  left his crease to pick up his stick by the boards, but falls down on his way back to the net.

Of course this was career game 1,200 for the future Hall of Famer.

Stick Tap for the GIF to @thescottlewis

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  1. hey dummy – tell the truth – that was an offside play – it wouldn’t of counted. Do u post foul ball home runs as well?

    • We appreciate your valuable input. Thank you for reading Backhand Shelf. We look forward to more comments from you in the future, Randy!

  2. He was also going to pick up his stick lol. The Devils were on the penalty kill and had just cleared the puck. Broduer, who had lost his stick in the run of play, went out to retrieve it when Fleury decided to skate out, gather and shoot the puck towards the empty net. There was still a Penguin in the zone, so it was an offside play.

    But he never had the puck. It went off one post and then other and then hit his leg and caromed out.

  3. Awesome video. Brodeur is still the man!

  4. This is a misrepresentation of what happened. Malkin shot the puck on an empty net, and Brodeur was simply trying to get out of the way of the puck. If you look at the other video angle it is quite clear that, after first hitting the post, the puck hits Brodeur in the skate, causing him to jump to try to prevent the puck from caroming into the net off his skate or body.

    In the future, I would hope that submissions on this blog will be more accurate in telling the (complete) story of what happened instead of just writing the easy headline.

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  5. post more stuff like this so these people can keep getting worked up over it

  6. Liar! Given his career save percentage, Brodeur is in no way a shoe-in for the Hall.

    Get it together, Born.

  7. Total misrepresentation of the event. This wasn’t even a hockey game. This was a shot of Brodeur’s try out for New jersey Black Diamonds Figure Skating Team. Clearly he was performing a toe-loop there, although i believe he was marked down because his routine specified a single lutz.

  8. @Snevik

    No way a shoe in?

    17 season with a single team
    3 stanley cups
    5 jenning Trophys
    Most regular season wins: 662
    Most regular season shutouts: 120
    Most regular season losses: 372
    Most playoff shutouts: 24
    Most shutouts, regular season & playoffs combined: 144
    Most overtime wins: 45
    Most 40-win seasons: 8
    Most 30-win seasons: 14
    Most consecutive 40-win seasons: 3 (tied with Evgeni Nabokov)
    Most consecutive 35-win seasons: 11
    Most consecutive 30-win seasons: 12
    Youngest goalie to reach 300, 400 and 500 career wins
    Only goalie to reach 600 career wins
    Most career saves: 27,354
    Most games played by an NHL goaltender: 1,193 (also most played with only one team)
    Most total minutes played by an NHL goaltender: 70,148
    Only NHL goalie to score a game-winning goal
    Most career goals by a goaltender, including playoffs: 2 (tied with Ron Hextall)

    I’m a Boston fan and I can help but be awe stuck everytime I see Marty play.

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