Los Angeles Kings v Detroit Red Wings

The Red Wings Pavel Datsyuk scores a great goal against the Kings, splitting the Kings defense and going top shelf on Jonathan Quick after taking a sweet pass from Henrik Zetterberg.

Datsyuk is just so, so good.

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  1. It was easier because he got the pass in his skates…

    What a player !

  2. A minute earlier, he tried almost the same exact move, and got hammered. The hit separated him from his helmet, and he skated the rest of his shift without it.

    So “okay then” says he, and he comes back and puts the same move on again, and shows them what he was talking about. What a guy.

  3. too bad he was offside and they didn’t catch it.

    • Agreed. I screen grabbed it and he was offsides. Can’t figure out how to attach the pic though…

      • I’m not so sure he was off-sides. Though, I am looking at a paused view of the video above so you may have a better capture. The puck is on the blue line as his skate hits the white.

        • 2 possibilities: Pavel “The Magic Man” mezmorizes everybody in the rink including referees and linesmen and they miss the call, or puck to skate to blade was deemed control under rule.

          • Naw, it was just fast enough and blink-and-you-miss-it so it wasn’t called. Not a reason the Kings lost, but it does diminish the great goal (bardown.com) a bit.

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  5. Amazing Datsyuk is Amazing…

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