Toronto Maple Leafs  v Montreal Canadiens

UPDATE: Grabovski’s hearing has been pushed back until Monday.

The Toronto Maple Leafs 6-0 win over the Montreal Canadiens was impressive for sure, but it also featured an incident in the third period that may land Maple Leafs forward Mikhail Grabovski in hot water with the league.

Grabovski has a hearing scheduled with the league today after an allegedly biting Canadiens’ forward Max Pacioretty. During a third period scuffle, Pacioretty wrapped his arm around Grabovski’s head, and later claimed Grabovski bit him.

Here’s the video evidence. You be the judge. Will Grabovski be suspended?

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  1. Unless Pacioretty goes to the League and shows them the bite mark, it’s just an accusation that has no proof. The video is inconclusive.

  2. Looks like a bite to me. Pacioretti wouldn’t have that reaction if he wasn’t bitten… Unless he was licked, which would make the video ten times funnier.

    All that said, Ive never played hockey at a higher level than street hockey, but if someone came up behind me and put their arm around my face, especially covering my nose and mouth, I’d probably go into survival mode and am biting the shit out of them.

  3. If anything Max “Rubber Neck” Pacioretty should get a suspension for putting a choke hold on Grabovsky…I mean look at the video; Grabovski’s ready to pass out from the choke…his face almost came off…what’s next for Pacioretty? Gouging someone’s eyes out?!

    • I agree. Plus a bite mark should only be considered if it was shown to the ref immediately. I wouldn’t put anything past a player to bite themselves to prove a point. Montreal was getting hammer-smashed, Pacioretty might have wanted extra penalty minutes.

    • agree 100%- Grabbo is already engaged with someone bigger than himself from the front- then then that asshat from MTL grabs him from behind…I would have taken a piece out of him in rder to breath!
      Mtl is nothing but a bunch of whiners- love Groges interview meowing about being a man- when you try it , let us know you back stabbing piece of crap.

  4. They could always find a dentist to match up the bite marks. That way, they would at least know that it wasn’t Jon Voight’s.

  5. Patches arm was across Grabos mouth…. His team was getting demolished, emotions running high. Embarrassed teams will do anything to get a call. Why would someone up 6-0 do that?

  6. what would you do if someone jammed their forearm in your mouth? he didnt even have to bite down and there would have been a mark by how hard max slammed his arm in there. what a cry baby. oh wait…hes a hab. makes sense.

  7. He “…*ett* his liver with some fava beans and a nice Cheeeeanteee.”

    C’mon, MAN! Does the league disciplinary committee have to issue a memo on scratching and biting? meow.

    Hit ‘em both with unsportsmanlike and a gross misconduct (I read they’ve “reactivated” the gross misconduct, once more. Good show. It covers all the nasty who’d-have-though-we’d- need-a-rule-for-that/Sean Avery areas.) And fine ‘em each $10k.

    Mind you, the officials did fuck-all in trying to control that game, last night. Their slackness and lack of a proactive approach and “firm message” to both teams allowed the escalation.

    It was a circus – Fer shurr.

  8. Grabo bit him but I dont blame him. Grabo gets a game for the bite and Pats gets a game for the third man in. Thats the only fair way I can see this going down. Pats had no business being there. Anyone does that to me and I’m biting the f@#k outta thier hand or arm.

  9. If he sticks his hand in your mouth what would amypne do,push it out with his tongue?

  10. If someone had their forearm in my mouth from behind I would bite the shit out of it to

  11. It seems like Grabo can barely breathe, what else is he supposed to do with his hands tied up already?

  12. Its not that hard to just turn your head if someone puts their arm around your face. Its still cowardly to bite! Anobody that thinks otherwise hasn’t played hockey or shouldn’t. Spitting or kicking isn’t allowed either. Just a bad reaction by him. Sit out a suspension or wear a muzzle!

    • I believe Patch was trying his hardest to turn Garbo’s head full circle exorcism style. kicking and spitting are definitly against the rules i agree. but where did you read in the rule book that pearl harbour attacks via chuck norris stealh-like neck breaking skills are legal? garbo may have left marks on max’s arm….i believe he was just trying to eat some pussy.

    • You are so right Mark!! Very slow learner. Love the comment

    • just keep cheering for your hab-nots…

  13. Anyone who thinks it was a bite can fuck off, you cant rake your arm over someones mouth and not expect to have marks on your arm. Teeth are sharp ffs!

  14. Well, Mr. Pacioretty, if you put your hand on another man’s face, pressing hard, he is allowed to do something in order to remove your hand. To me the bite is not an unexpected or suspendable act in this case.

  15. Pacioretty was provoking a reaction, much the way he was provoking a reaction by cross-checking Chara after scoring a goal. That time, he ended up with a broken neck. Apparently, Max still hasn’t learned NOT to stir the pot by doing stupid SH*T.

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