This is the greatest video over, and I feel the need to share it for those who missed it over the weekend on the Buzz.

Dated February 4th, all I can tell you is that it’s from a game in Russia, and the way the ref takes off his bucket as if to say “Welp, this is happening” is amazing.

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  1. In Soviet Russia, Ref fights you!

  2. Wow! You know it’s serious when an opposing player comes to your defense.

  3. Usually it’s the refs restraining the players, not the other way around. Wow.

  4. I love how he sets the helmet down gently and then jumps the guy. It’s like watching one of those old time fights where the guy slowly removes his sport coat, hat, and scarf.

  5. I’m pretty much in love with the way the other team plays referees. They stoically wade into the fight, separate the contenders, and stay in the way to impose order when they try to go after each other again. Classy show by the opposition there.

  6. That was wonderful – The ref gets shoved and knocked down, and one can see he’s got that “I’ve had just about enough of your shit” look to him.

  7. holy balls. It even looks like that other (blue team?) player is continuing to jab the ref after everyone’s tied up?

  8. That number 14 in blue really needs some decency knocked into him. Fighting ref’s tied up and he keeps hitting him and shoving his stick in. Not that intentionally knocking over a ref is a classy move but…

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