Los Angeles Kings v St. Louis Blues

We quite enjoyed today’s show – it was about 50% last night’s games, 50% responses to questions. We hit on:

* The Blues are on a serious slide

* JVR and the Leafs thumped Schenn and the Flyers

* CBJ/SJ, PHX/COL, CAR/NYI (pity for DiPietro included)

* Don Cherry and the Olympics

* Mental health awareness

* And much, much more

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Comments (5)

  1. The Kings goal call you guys talked about wasn’t by John Kelly—it was Joe Buck. He’s a Blues season ticket holder and he was brought up into the booth and forced to do play by play. He admitted he had no idea who was on the Kings—he called everyone but Kopitar by their numbers.


    • Yeah, just had a conversation about this on Twitter. I apparently can’t differentiate voices after hearing the first one because I’m an idiot.

      • haha…yeah, that was joe buck. john kelley, although nothing like his father, isn’t that bad. especially compared to the shanawings’ mickey redmond.

  2. C’mon guys. All team commentators are homers – including the Leafs.

    Jack Edwards once compared the Bruins playoff defeat of the Habs to the Americans overthrowing the British. He’s looney tunes. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X4fAG4qrPE4

    I’d show you how Habs commentators are ridiculous too but nobody understands what the hell they’re talking about. Thats what make being an anglo fan of the team worth it. Not hearing these ridiculous idiots ball-wash their own team for three hours.

  3. The Flyers are struggling because they can’t find the net. They average 2.43 goals per game, and that is with a recent improvement. Giroux has really had trouble finding the net recently, and in fact Voracek has been improving recently and leading the Flyers best offensive line.

    Injuries also don’t exactly help.

    Bryz has been the Flyers’ best player so far this season. He looks steady and well adjusted.

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