After the New York Islanders put up four and lost against the Carolina Hurricanes last night, the Islanders best player by a mile – one of their leaders, their future, their dude –  just looked beaten. Whether he was mad at himself or his team, I have no idea, but John Tavares was personified “ugh” on the bench after the game.

You have to feel for the guy. He has goals in three straight losses (of the five straight as a team), he’s eighth in the NHL in scoring (15 points in 12 games), and it just seems like there’s nothing he can do. Hamonic can “snap” all he wants – batting in game-winners for your opponent would be annoying…

(Thanks to @garik16 & @ericdavidmorris for the .GIF)

… – but Tavares is under contract until 2018, and stuck being the guy trying to drag an Isles team whose ownership has shown no interest in winning to the playoffs. Guessing the ice feels tilted uphill at this point.

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  1. Too bad Johnny T doesn’t want to come play for a real contender….THE TORONTO MAPLE LEAFS.

  2. He bought into all that “The Isles have been bad for so long that they’re going to be good” stuff. Hey Bourne, didn’t you pick these guys to do better than the Devils this year?

    • Trolllololo and it’s not even me!

      Give him a break, D. Win, he did give us some love the other day.

      • That’s true. I just can’t fathom thinking that the Isles would be even mediocre. They’ve still got a long way to go…especially in the division that they are in…

  3. Assuming NHLers go to Sochi, you have to figure Tavares is a lock for Team Canada. He’s just too good.

    He needs to be there, I think playing such high level hockey with other elite players would rejuvenate his joie de vie a bit. We saw a slice of that during the Spengler Cup. In the Olympics, it would come through that much stronger.

  4. well JB, these aren’t your fathers Islanders, literally! it really sucks being an isles fan,
    but what are we to do just drop the team we have lived(mostly) died with since i was 7 years old and root for the devils or the rangers? id rather not watch hockey ever again.

    that said i feel worse for JT than i do for myself!
    the guy cares and he is way to classy to demand a trade,
    i believe he wants to win on the island and i thank the god, alah, ancient aliens, whoever, that we have him on this team, but how can the NHL allow an owner that goes way out of his way not to spend money on making his team competitive?

  5. That was one of the saddest things I’ve seen in a while

  6. I’m so thankful to have JT on the Isles. Charles Wang is trying his damndest to remove any upside to the team though. Cheating his way to the cap floor so he doesn’t have to spend? Guh. I really feel bad for Tavares.

    • Would you have rather him overpay for a has been like Rolston again? Would you rather him play teenagers who aren’t ready to hit the floor? This team was gutted before Snow took over. No big talent on the club and no good prospects. It might seem like it’s taking forever but that’s what happens when you start at such a low point. Now the Isles have one of the top prospect pipelines but rather than rush them like they have in the past they are giving them time to develop. So that’s why you get guys like Colin McDonald and the Waiver Wire Pickups (feel free to use that to name your band). Right now, with a shortened season and with less than a 50% shot of making the playoffs going in they made a decision to continue to focus on the future. Obviously they don’t publicly state it but it’s easy to see. So you have one more season like this (maybe, but hopefully not, two) until you can start cashing in chips (I call this the ‘Brooklyn Bridge’ theory). As the big move gets closer the team will start spending as it needs to attract new fans to the base. By then you have a backlog of prospects ready to go and all the cap room in the world to spend. Obviously it’s hard on the players right now as they are bought in that they can make the playoffs but when they go home at night I think they understand that they are really playing for the future.

      • Rolston was not an overpay. The Isles had 5M committed over 2 years to trent Hunter. they flipped that for 5M committed over 1 year for Brian Rolston. In essence the Isles paid nothing to get Rolston and just made the deal to get that part of the cap hit off the cap sooner.

        Yes Rolston sucked, but it has nothing to do with signings.

      • Agree with your comments. THis is a massive rebuild based on young talent being ready for brooklyn For fans, very frustrating. My only hopes is the young talent meets the expectations otherwise we are in deep trouble.

  7. wang has been more than willing to spend on players its just nobody wants to play for them.

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