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By all accounts – and with proof from right here at theScore offices – if you have an iPhone and use Siri (English Canada version) and say “show me a picture of God,” or “What team does God play for?” you get Daniel Alfredsson answers. Wow.

Apparently some developer is a biiiit of a Sens fan. 

alfy wow

To reiterate: wow.

(Stick-tap @Tobes_McGobes for this!)


UPDATE: Siri appears to be pulling (active) player profiles from this list of nicknames. Weeiiiirrrd. Mr. Universe brings up Bryz, just for starters.

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  1. Siri told me to “direct my spiritual questions to someone more qualified to answer that. Ideally a human”

  2. I just turned Siri off. She’s dead to me

  3. Steve west says: 02.12.13 @ 3:00 PM EST
    Reply I just turned Siri off. She’s dead to me


  4. Siri is good people.

  5. “Where was God born” “Gothenburg, Sweden.”
    It just keeps going.

  6. Awesome. Praise Alfie!

  7. That is hilarious, the list of wiki names that you posted is awesome. Someone try saying “Armstrongov”, apparantly a nickname for Colby Armstrong.

    And to think my teachers told me not to use wikipedia as a source..

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