Columbus Blue Jackets Press Conference Introducing New Players Jeff Carter and James Wisniewski

Today’s Backhand Shelf episode was, we’ll say, a little scattershot. Thankfully, our producer Ryan Eligh was there to get us back on track when we went on extended tangents. We discussed:

* Scott Howson getting fired

* Rick Nash’s nasty assist

* Late comebacks by Boston and Tampa Bay, only to lose

* All the OT/shoot-out games

* The Canucks and Luongo

* And much more

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Comments (3)

  1. Hey, I pressed play and it was yesterdays pod-cast. Thought I would let you know.

  2. Interesting use of “fingered his coaches” instead of “gave his coaches the bird” or some variation there of re: the HS goalie.

  3. Love the comments about P.K. Subban being benched for no reason, and all the suppositions and tangential guessing going on. If any of you had bothered to check or had actually watched the game, you would know that P.K. had a good game on the scoresheet but made a horrible, lazy play on the first Tampa goal, and that is where the benching originated from. You can like P.K. and dislike Michel Therrien, most people do, but there was a sound reason for our young defenceman getting his icetime cut.

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