Ottawa Senators v Pittsburgh Penguins

Ugh. Terrible, terrible news for Erik Karlsson, the Ottawa Senators, the NHL and fans: a collision tonight between the defending Norris Trophy winner and Matt Cooke resulted in a scary, fluke skate cut to his his left achillies tendon. It will require surgery to repair, leaving him out indefinitely.

They went into the boards together, and it was immediately evident that something went wrong. Here’s the incident:

Karlsson was off to another ridiculously good start, which was validating for a guy who had some doubters after taking home the big prize for d-men last season. He was leading the NHL in shots (ahead of second place Sidney Crosby). The next closest defenseman had 26 less shots than him after 14 total games played. He was leading defensemen in goals by two, with six. He was T4 in d-men points with 10.

If you care to see the injury in slo-mo, here it is, courtesy @schneidersteeth:

As Harrison Mooney noted over at Puck Daddy: this was an accident. It sucks, but sometimes bad things happen in sports, especially sports that that involve humans wearing foot-knives. For a nice breakdown of how we can be sure it was an accident, check out what Aaron Ward had to say on TSN.

All we can hope is that he makes a quick recovery, and returns soon. I have a feeling the Senators and their fans are doing the same right now.

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  1. Oh gee, an accident! What a coincidence that it’s Matt Cooke!

    Yeah right. Accident my ass.

    • Yeah, Matt Cooke has a TERRIBLE history, but certainly not recent history. You’re wearing blinders if you think this is intentional. Years ago I would never defend Cooke, but c’mon, this is clearly a fluke/awful incident.

      • He lifted his skate and stomped on the back of Karlsson’s leg. If that’s an accident, Cooke must be the clumsiest skater in the history of the league.

        Cooke’s list of victims is staggering. I’m sure he was “scared straight” for a while, but there is no way he was going to keep it up. I predicted when he declared himself a clean player that it would only be a matter of time, and that somebody, someday, would fall victim to him again. I’m so very sorry it was Karlsson. The scorpion will always kill the frog, even if it means his own death. He can’t help it. It’s his nature.

        • I’m bowing out after this, because you’re clearly in immediate emotional response mode. You’ll look back on this and realize there’s a reason that every neutral reporter right now is defending Cooke.

          • You’re damn right I’m emotional. I will never, EVER forget him standing near Marc Savard’s prone body with a ****ing smirk on his face. How many players does he have to cripple before somebody says “enough”?

          • What about the previous players who concussed Marc? Or the last player to hit him? Matt hit heavy for sure. No doubt. But savard was cleared to play and was hit again. He had more the one. Cooked hit was massive, but he did come back.

            Sadly the league wasn’t taking head shots as seriously as they should have, at that time. It’s horrible he is suffering. But he is one of many who played in the NHL to end like that. Blame the Boston medical staff, or whenever was treating his injuries. like many before him, they let it go.

            That has nothing to do with this.

          • Ease out of the room slowly, Ross, veeeeeerrrryyy slowly…

        • Agree entirely.

        • You, like pretty much all other Cooke haters, engage in revisionist history as it pertains to Marc Savard. You know……the same Marc Savard that had been concussed numerous times before ever encountering Matt Cooke. The same Marc Savard that was then cleared by doctors to continue playing (which he did). The same Marc Savard that ended up getting concussed yet again by a guy not named Matt Cooke.Try again.

      • Are you kidding me! Ur giving one of the dirtiest players in the history of sports the benefit of the doubt! U have to be the stupidest person on the planet along with all the tsn commentators who are saying its an accident! Fuckers like Cooke will always be fuckers and I hope this piece of shit pays the price somehow, someone needs to send him out of a game on a stretcher!

      • Those who think this was an accident are the ones with their heads in the sand. Enjoy your NHL with meatheads like Cooke skating around instead of gifted players like Karlsson. Bush league!

    • I think Cooke has done some pretty awful things in his career, but this case looks pretty clearly accidental.

      Terrible situation though. Karlsson is amazing. : (

      • U r gullible. U wouldn’t want to buy some swamp land would u?

        • I’m so glad you’re able to look at this objectively and not just mock a person’s comment because they disagree with you. : )

        • Protip: don’t start sentences with “U R”

          …and this is coming from a Sens fan. Quit making a fool of us all!

  2. Happened in front of an Associated Press Photographer, producing the following photo:

  3. Anyone says this was an accident is full of it.

  4. You guys might want to watch this breakdown from TSN with real hockey experts explaining the play and why it was an accident.

    • Wait, experts who have played NHL hockey think it was a typical hockey play? When Cooke was looking to the right at the puck while pinning the guy to the left? That’s unpossible. Or completely reasonable.

      • Aaron Ward explained it best, a hockey play used by almost every player to pin an opposing player against the boards. Unfortunate incident but hardly intentional.

        If this was any other player in the league whose skate cut someone no one would make a peep.

        • ” If this was any other player in the league whose skate cut someone no one would make a peep.”…

          unless of course it was another team’s allegedly dirty player injuring your team’s star player, what if it had been Chris Neil injuring Sidney Crosby

  5. Haha time for depression

  6. Man that sucks. Sorry, Ottawa, this kid was fun to watch.

    • Agreed. As a Leafs fan obviously not a huge Sens fan (though will still cheer for any Canadian team over any other) but this is awful. Love Karlsson, love his game and the high risk/reward way he plays.

      This is a loss for all NHL fans.

  7. Matt fucking Cooke. Maybe the play was indeed accidental, but it’s funny how many other forwards in the League manage to go their whole career without injuring anyone, while Cooke seems to ‘oops’ his way into repeated very serious incidents that take out star players.

  8. Evander Kane, Please avenge the massive damage that has been wrought on my fantasy hockey team and hockey watching enjoyment.

  9. You can blame Cooke for the Karlsson injury, as every accident is preventable… but that’s as far as it goes, it was an accident. There was no intent (or it could never be proven). He will not be suspended. I’d be surprised if they even requested a hearing. Just an unfortunate accident to one of the best players in the game.

  10. it appears that some Puck Daddy commenters have managed to stumble their way to this site. shame.

  11. Clearly Cooke “STOMPED” with his skate…he didn’t “SWEEP” it. It was definitely done with intent. Suspend Cooke for the rest of the year.

    • No, he didn’t. He simply went to put his skate back down on the ice after regaining his balance. You’re seeing only what you want to see. And it’s obvious.

    • Stomp? Lol. Nice try at humor to lighten the mood.

  12. An accident really???

    Hmmm…how many players have EVER been injured by a skate while being pinned to the boards???

    • Have you ever even played hockey before? Weird things happen when a player skates really fast and then slams his body into another human being. This phenomena is amplified when add strong, fast, NHL players into the equation. Cooke is clearly trying to regain is balance and pin Karlsson at the same time. If you expect your favorite player(s) to never get injured I suggest you switch to watching golf.

    • Well I for one have seen it happen up close in a fucking pee wee game. It happens, which is really stunning when you consider that these guys are wearing BLADES ON THEIR FEET you dumbass.

    • Hundreds. Do you watch hockey live? At al levels? Ever play? It happens often. As do other injuries. It’s a high speed full body contact sport on ice, people are going to get hurt.

    • How many players in an upright position have ever accidentally had their throat cut?


      Accidents can happen in a game where people have knives on their feet.

      And, incidentally, the same thing that happened to Karlsson happened to another guy this year, except it was his calf. Might have been Scott Hartnell, but if not, it happened to another guy on the same day.

  13. I don’t think I have heard one former player or objective analysis that has blamed Cooke for what happened. Besides common sense and eyes, that’s all I need to know for it to be all right to call this an accident, even if it is Matt Cooke.

  14. Accidents happen. Sorry to see him out for the season, hes a great player. Obviously there is alot of butthurt sens fans today, and rightly so. Cooke carries that reputation of being a dirty player but lets be real here, it was clearly an accident.

  15. Somehow, I have a vague notion on what the next quiet room article will be about….

  16. FK DAVID u are one complete moron. STOMP is the obvious act. A curler sweeps, there was no sweeping motion. Just because Fatcat McKenzie & the rest of the TSN know-it-alls says it was an accident doesn’t mean it was.

  17. Clearly an accident. And yes it has happened before. It happened to me in high school. And trust me we didn’t have the blades like they do in the show.

    It’s mind boggling how anyone who ever watched a game, let alone played one, could see this as intentional.

    The players see it as an accident cause it was. How the fans can be so ignorant of a play that happens constantly is revolting.

    Plus the initial press release by the sens was hysterical and overwrought. He is not sliced, and will heal fine.

    Let’s also notice the rather petite size of mr karlsson. He is going to get the bigger hits, against stronger advisaries for the rest if his career. His lack of body mass alone is going to cause him injuries as his career progresses. Are they all going to be intentional? Nope.

    And the sens organization looks foolish to call that anything but a freak accident. I never heard the penguin organization cry foul when Sidney was concussed. Nor did Sidney himself say a word. It’s part of the game. The penguins actually fired their medical staff for missing to much. A pro active approach. Mayhaps the senators could carry the torch for Kevlar socks? Instead of lying and o er stating the injury as they have, they could do some good.

    Also, it’s quite telling when across the land, e even Philadelphia flyers fans are supporting this as an accident.

    I’m waiting to hear what karlsson says. I’m betting he will see it as a freak accident.

    Just like players in the NHL do not see matt Cooke as the “end” of savard. They know the truth. Much concussed player, takes huge hit from cooke, yet comes back….only to be hit again… Which hit caused it? First? Last? If he was cleared to play after the Cooke hit, how is Cooke blamed?

    I think the players understand.

    I respect the emotions of the sens fans, upset at losing a great player. But he will be back. As good as ever.

  18. Wouldn’t even waste my time arguing with someone that thinks this was on purpose. Wouldn’t even bother. #wake up

  19. This is what happens when you try to ban the Leafs Nation from your sad little building in the middle of nowhere. Karma’s a bitch.

  20. Yoo im a canucks fan and cooke plays very dirty like he did for vancouver thts why we got rid of him he should not be in the nhl anymore hes a cheap player he meant to hurt kharrelson and its a shame

    • Don’t make Canuck fans look as ill informed and clueless as the senator fans are doing. That was a legal hit.

      • The bulk of Canucks fans are ill informed and clueless as they rely on the Province newspaper for their sporting news and are too caught up in the plethora of other sports we can perform year-round in the city to keep focused strickly on hockey.

        Do not defend Cooke. Cooke did what he does to stay in the League to get paid really well for doing crap like this. It sucks for the game of hockey that this “role player” still exists in the League today. A more talented player would not have made that “hockey play”.

        • The insipid senators employ a goon…so they can’t complain. And most Canuck fans are far more hockey saavy then the pea brained homers from Ottawa.

          They boo the all star game. It was an honor for them to host a fun event. Where it’s quite clear the players get along just fine. But the half wits in Ottawa are to inbred and stupid to notice.

          They cry cause nearby rivals buy tickets to games in their facility. That’s so ridiculus it doesn’t even warrant discussion. I can only hope that all arenas where a senator fan shows up, promptly removes them from the building!

          Their stat gets hurt in a freak accident and they act as if this is impossible, blame, and the whole organization flips out. As if their team should never suffer a season ending injury. Are they so stupid they dont realize how many times this happens to players across the league? In sure Philadelphia is missing pronger right now…and has for how long? Crosby missed almost 2 years. and so on. Why should Ottawa be immune? It’s part of the game. The hysterics they displayed was mind boggling in it’s stupidity. Sad for the player. But a hockey player getting injured? Really? It’s a surprise??

          The flyers were decimated in the first two weeks. They were bummed but were not acting like ill informed morons. The penguins were decimated with injuries to Crosby, Malkin, letang and stall. All exceptional players. They dealt with it.

          Why do the Ottawa senators fans, team and front office think they should be exempt?

          The kid will heal. Be fine. Get over it. It was an accident.

          If Cooke wanted to hurt him, he could have.

          And for the record, tendons heal much better now. One look at Adrian Peterson should show you that. And football players abuse the tendons far far more then a hockey player.

          Get over it.

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