Ottawa Senators v Pittsburgh Penguins

Ugh. Terrible, terrible news for Erik Karlsson, the Ottawa Senators, the NHL and fans: a collision tonight between the defending Norris Trophy winner and Matt Cooke resulted in a scary, fluke skate cut to his his left achillies tendon. It will require surgery to repair, leaving him out indefinitely.

They went into the boards together, and it was immediately evident that something went wrong. Here’s the incident:

Karlsson was off to another ridiculously good start, which was validating for a guy who had some doubters after taking home the big prize for d-men last season. He was leading the NHL in shots (ahead of second place Sidney Crosby). The next closest defenseman had 26 less shots than him after 14 total games played. He was leading defensemen in goals by two, with six. He was T4 in d-men points with 10.

If you care to see the injury in slo-mo, here it is, courtesy @schneidersteeth:

As Harrison Mooney noted over at Puck Daddy: this was an accident. It sucks, but sometimes bad things happen in sports, especially sports that that involve humans wearing foot-knives. For a nice breakdown of how we can be sure it was an accident, check out what Aaron Ward had to say on TSN.

All we can hope is that he makes a quick recovery, and returns soon. I have a feeling the Senators and their fans are doing the same right now.