If you haven’t clued in yet, I like cats. I like animals, actually, I just happen to have cats because I live in a roughly zero-square foot apartment. Anyway, because of my unabashed animal love, I’ve received this video a ridiculous amount of times over the past two days from readers, and let me say: I’m grateful for that.

This is Dave. He likes the Anaheim Ducks. And I like Dave.

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  1. I need to teach my cats to watch hockey.

  2. Jason Barr of The Biggs and Barr Show on 97.7 (formally of The Dean Blundell Show) once told a story of a dog at kids league game that ran up and down the glass following the play. I wish my dog had the love of hockey that this dog has.

  3. My cats hate hockey because just when they settle on my lap, I’m cheering or yelling at the TV and they have to jump off. Claws out.

  4. Yaaaaay! Dave made it to the blog! Awesome! My cat, who is not Dave (Who names their cat Dave anyway?) watches hockey with me, that is until the Wings score, at which point I lose my ish and Viktor (yes) darts from the room in a flash of claws and fur quick as lightning. I love hockey and cats and Sergei Fedorov.

  5. We all know Bobby Ryan loves cats. Now we have proof cats love him back.

  6. Thats my sisters cat! He is awesome! He is named after Davey Jones

  7. Thank you for posting the video of my cat on your blog. And thank you everyone that likes him so much! Dave is the best!

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