Erik Karlsson is the defending Norris Trophy winner, and likely the most offensively talented d-man in the NHL today. But, like all of us, he is not without his flaws.

Here’s the “penalty” Patrick Kaleta took on him in last night’s Sens/Sabres contest. I guess if you’re gonna commit to the dive, commit. Well played, sir.

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  1. Pathetic Justin, seriously. Unexpectedly feeling a stick hit you on the back/side of the neck would make pretty much any player drop. This is clearly a penalty, and offensively gifted players embellish a little sometimes to make sure the refs know what happened. Yes, whoever your favorite big time offensive threat is – I guarantee he has embellished to make sure the ref is noticing what the opposition is doing to get them off their game.

    Also, Karlsson is not “likely” the most offensively talented NHL D-man right now. He is lapping the field offensively and well on his way to another of likely many Norris trophies.

  2. lol, what are you talking about. That was the diviest dive of all the dives.

  3. On the PRO v. CON chart of the “Coach’s Challenge” equation, you can add a +1 to PRO.

  4. Yep, lapping the field offensively. That’s why he’s first in D scoring…

    …er…second in D scoring.

    er…third in D scoring?


    This is textbook embellishment and should have been called by itself or matched with Kaleta’s infraction since minor incidental high sticks are still high sticks.

    • Please tell me you would rather have Enstrom, Shattenkirk or even the very good Pietrangelo (currently -3) over Karlsson. Actually which D-man in the league would you rather have.

      • The original comment was based on offense only. According to the stats, he’s not lapping anyone. You hyperbolic Sens fan.

  5. Justin Bourne is on a first name basis with CARL WEATHERS. Sir, you are bigtime.

    But maybe Carl Weathers is right… I mean, anytime someone unexpectedly puts their hand on my shoulder or near my neck I drop like a sack of potatoes. That happens to everyone, right?

    • The ref was 10 feet away, didn’t call a dive. While circling around the net at high speed, I will surprise you with the use of the edge of my stick and poke your neck at the base of your head. You will crumple/shrug, and likely go down (cuz I am assuming your skating is not as great as an NHLers). I watched it a few more times and agree he could have stayed up and continued on, but I also know that players get away with “moves” like this (rarely head/neck tho, usually hits on wrists, etc.) if a player continues without showing the ref that “yes, that stick did hit my head/neck”.

  6. This guys name is on a list with greats like Orr and Lidstrom. The times they are a changin…

  7. In times like these I often think, “WWJES?” (What Would Jack Edwards Say?) Goes down as if shot! GET UP!

  8. Next time karly plays with teh same refs they wont call shit against him. They dont like being made to look like fools

  9. He should be playing soccer.

  10. Bourne’s hatred of the Senators is starting to permeate everything he writes. Watch the Ottawa feed, it VERY CLEARLY shows that Kaleta clips his ear. Notice how Kaleta (a notorious pest) does not even complain about the call? This suggests he believes it is so blatant that it cannot even be disputed. Everyone saying this is a dive, get real, watch the angles where it shows the contact, and stop reading Bourne, like I’m about to do.

    • a notorious pest, not a notorious whiny bitch

    • what part of having your ear “clipped” makes you fall down and slide into the boards. he is breaking out of his own zone. what if the ref doesn’t call it and he gives the puck away to kaleta and he scores. Get the f*cking puck out, don’t be so goddamn soft.

    • I have noticed it too, but will keep reading. Not usre he has a “hatred”tho. I will say it becoming very obvious he knows not to discuss the Sens unless its in the negative. Lots of Leafs fans, lots of pageviews.

  11. yes, that was an Italian league quality dive….

  12. Haven’t seen a dive this blatant since Forsberg retired.

  13. Carl….what are you smoking, I want some of it!

    Seriously though….if you actually don’t see this as a dive then I give up on sens fans…..And lol if a player taps me on the neck/shoulder I would put my hand up indicating i have been highsticked to sell the call, not fall like an italian soccer player. Absolute joke to this league

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