Florida Panthers v Ottawa Senators

When the Toronto Maple Leafs travel to Ottawa to play the Senators, there’s usually (always?) a sizable number of Leafs’ fans who make the trip, because A) tickets are cheaper than they are in Toronto and B) you can actually get them. This leads to a less-than-ideal atmosphere for a “home game” if you’re the Sens.

The solution, then, would be to keep Leafs fans the hell out of the building…but how exactly do you do that? Well, the Sens think they may have the answer.

From Dave Feshchuk of the Toronto Star:

In an effort to minimize the number of Maple Leaf fans at Ottawa Senators home games, the Senators recently sent an email to season-ticket holders.

The message told Senators subscribers they could get first dibs on additional tickets to Leaf games in Ottawa at a 20 per cent discount. But the access and price reduction came with a catch.

“We are asking you to ensure that the tickets are used by Senators fans and not re-sold to the general public,” the email said. “Any seats being re-sold will be subject to cancellation and loss of privileges with respect to future additional ticket pre-sales.”

The thrust of the campaign, the email later summarized, was to “not allow (tickets) to get into the hands of fans for our rivals.”

You can’t blame them for trying, but I could see this backfiring. Some Leafs fan who lives in Ottawa and has seasons is going to buy like, 100 discounted tickets and sell ‘em on the cheap to his fan-mates or something.

Little does Ottawa know, the way to keep real Leafs’ fans out of the game is to jack ticket prices so high only rich people who barely care and use them for business purposes can afford them. Y’know, like they do in Toronto.

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  1. The Devils tried to do something similar last spring against the Rangers…IIRC correctly, they didnt threaten to cancel tickets, but they tried to give some tips to ticket buyers on how to resell them.

    This stuff is silly to me for a few reasons:

    (1) Why would you do anything to dampen ticket sales? At the end of the day, the most sales, the more concessions sold.
    (2) People go to hockey games to be entertained. Lots of people enjoy the entertainment of a building that has a decent amount of opposing fans there.
    (3) The Sens statement assumes that re-sales are *only* being done to non-Sens.
    (4) Its probably unenforceable. From what I can tell after 10 second on The Google, re-selling tickets is not illegal. Marking them up is, but selling them at face value doesn’t appear to be.


  2. So, instead… they’ll make even more money gauging leaf fans on stubhub.. brilliant!

  3. GOOD! About time.

  4. It is embarrassing to have more of the opponents fans in your own building than your fans, but it seems petty to be coming from the Senators themselves and not some sort of fan organization.

  5. Embarassing that the Senators have to do that and also kind of dumb when you think about. The Leafs seem to play better when there’s less Leaf fans in the building..

  6. As a Sens fan I can understand why they’re doing this, but it doesn’t make it right.

    There are a ton of Leafs fans in Eastern Ontario/Ottawa Valley whether they like it or not, and their money is as good as anyone’s. Same as Habs fans in nearby Quebec.

    Nice final paragraph from Justin mind, and it got a chuckle.

  7. Edmonton should try this. Every time the Canucks or Flames play, it gets so loud when they score, its almost like the Oilers score.

    And it just grinds my gears as an Oilers fan to hear GO FLAMES GO or GO CANCUKS GO at Rexall….

  8. They can do this, they just wont get close to a full house. Only time they do is when leafs/habs are in town. Pretty much a joke

  9. Um…why would you not want to make money at the expense of your rivals?

    Or, if you’re Jeremy Jacobs, why would you not want to make money?

  10. “Some Leafs fan who lives in Ottawa and has seasons is going to buy like, 100 discounted tickets and sell ‘em on the cheap to his fan-mates or something”

    Would someone really buy season tix for a team they don’t even like? Honest question, I don’t know the answer.

  11. whats next ban montreal fans to because they cheer louder than sens fans there are alot of leaf fan in area so get over it as long as the fans are paying for there tickets they should be aloud in

  12. I respect the Senators for at least trying something. As a Caps for over the years it is just not fun to go to a game and have fans of the other team everywhere. Like DC, Ottawa has a lot of transplanted people living in the area and is susceptible to this. It actually drives away home fans who just don’t want to put up with drunk, obnoxious away fans and feel obligated to get into it with everyone around them. After a while its just not fun to have to watch Penguins and Flyer fans make assess out of themselves and act completely disrespectful to people that just want to watch a hockey game. Some fun jabs and jokes are fine, but have seen (and been part of) way too many fights, arguments, etc because away fans want to come in go overboard.

    As as Redskins fan I have traveled to a couple road games and seen how obnoxious it can be to home fans when their stadium is half away fans. I felt bad for the home team as fellow Redskin fans acted completely disrespectful to families, elders, etc. So I respect the when the Front Office tries to enable their fans to prevent it from happening. I hope it works.

  13. Dope, dope, derp, doh…Doh. We don’t want your money. We’d rather operate at 85% capacity.

    Thank you…..THANK YOU………We meant to do that. We know what we’re doing. Right, Gene?

    Uh-huh. That’s simply get-the-natives-riled propaganda. There’s no way they can actually mean it; nor, enforce it. It’s ludicrous.

    ….Or, as my late father used to say: “They’re a dumb.” Goodnight, Mrs Calabash…

  14. That entire franchise is built on an inferiority complex.

  15. I think this is a problem which will sort itself out over time. The Sens have only been around for 20 years and prior to that in Otttawa and the surrounding area you were either a Leafs or a Habs fan and switching to the local team is a hard thing to do. Many people have switched by old habits die hard.
    As a generation grows up with the Sens as the only team in Town the Toronto/Montreal homers will slowly go away. I won’t lie I’m a leafs fan in Ottawa but I want my sons to grow up as Sens fans. ( or anything else as long as they’re not Habs fans like my father-in-law)

  16. Mr. Melnyk from all of us at the Ottawa hoteliers, restaurant and tourist association thank you for your commitment to discourage out of town visitors from venturing to Ottawa.
    There are typically 2-2,500 of them spending close to a million dollars over the weekend when Toronto visits. But hey who needs business and employment when one can eliminate tourism with such clever, well thought out business plans as those derived by you and your ingenious management types.

    In-friggin’-conceivable!!!!!! Maybe the single stupidest idea in the long history of pro sports.

    • You hit the nail on the head. Crazy to not even consider the benefits of tourism. I would bet many of the Sens fans work in an industry that benefits directly from tourism. Ottawa has many things to be proud of…. this decision is not one of them.

  17. Wow! I read with disgust the out of control hysteria when karlsson goes down, to a freak accident. The entire NHL community sees it as an accident. I doubt the fans of the senators really care when others get hurt. The top brass in ottowa looks like simple minded fools. Needing the NHL to explain to them the very essence of the game? Now I read this? It’s all so homer weird. Of course we all can’t forget the senator fans booing at the NHL all star game draw last year.

    I have lost any respect for this organization. It’s bizarre.

    Why shouldn’t one of your players get hurt? Every other team has had to persevere through injuries. It’s part of the game.

    I hope the guy heals, of course. But I also hope he gets the heck out of this organization.

    The last few days of press has shown how in hockey knowledgeable Ottawa is, and how unsportsmanlike they are. People like me, who were neutral, now see a freak show of whiners and sore sports.

    And I hope Toronto fills the arena and destroys what little dignity there is left.

  18. I’m sorry ottawa,but if you build an organisation so close to a rival team that has been established for 50 plus years, then what do you expect. Would you rather be bankrupt?? I think that this could be quite damaging to the team and perhaps viewed as un sportsman like conduct. Maybe if they played a better game of hockey, then the losing leaf fans would convert. Try to train the fans not ban them. I am not a leafs fan nor a sens fan but at the end of the day , money is money. Good luck with this approach.

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