Florida Panthers v Ottawa Senators

When the Toronto Maple Leafs travel to Ottawa to play the Senators, there’s usually (always?) a sizable number of Leafs’ fans who make the trip, because A) tickets are cheaper than they are in Toronto and B) you can actually get them. This leads to a less-than-ideal atmosphere for a “home game” if you’re the Sens.

The solution, then, would be to keep Leafs fans the hell out of the building…but how exactly do you do that? Well, the Sens think they may have the answer.

From Dave Feshchuk of the Toronto Star:

In an effort to minimize the number of Maple Leaf fans at Ottawa Senators home games, the Senators recently sent an email to season-ticket holders.

The message told Senators subscribers they could get first dibs on additional tickets to Leaf games in Ottawa at a 20 per cent discount. But the access and price reduction came with a catch.

“We are asking you to ensure that the tickets are used by Senators fans and not re-sold to the general public,” the email said. “Any seats being re-sold will be subject to cancellation and loss of privileges with respect to future additional ticket pre-sales.”

The thrust of the campaign, the email later summarized, was to “not allow (tickets) to get into the hands of fans for our rivals.”

You can’t blame them for trying, but I could see this backfiring. Some Leafs fan who lives in Ottawa and has seasons is going to buy like, 100 discounted tickets and sell ‘em on the cheap to his fan-mates or something.

Little does Ottawa know, the way to keep real Leafs’ fans out of the game is to jack ticket prices so high only rich people who barely care and use them for business purposes can afford them. Y’know, like they do in Toronto.