austin krause

And here we have the reason Backhand Shelf has a “Wait, what?” category.

The backstory is as such: A high school goaltender – a senior high school goaltender, more specifically¬†- was given the start on Senior Night, an event held by high schools and colleges every season as a tribute to the team’s seniors. So yeah, it’s an aptly-named event.

I’ll let Western College Hockey Blog take it from there:

Farmington High School(Minn.) held a 2-1 lead over Chaska HS, with just over three minutes remaining in the third period of their game on Thursday night when the truly bizarre happened.

Farmington senior goalie Austin Krause retrieved a puck behind his net, skated to the crease and put the puck in his net. Krause then proceeded to remove his gloves, and while skating off the ice, turned to his bench, flipped them off and gave them a salute before exiting the ice.

Here’s the video:

The story, as I understand it so far, is that Krause was pissed about having his playing time bitten by the team’s sophomore goaltender over the course of the season, and that this was a pre-meditated end to his time with the team.

His Farmington High School team would end up giving up a powerplay goal before the end of regulation to lose the game.

…Sooooo, tough go for the boys.

As I said, I don’t know the ins-and-outs of the story yet, but I feel pretty comfortable assuming that kid might be a bit of a dick, hanging his teammates out to dry like that and all. (Or, maybe it’s something more serious, and the kid really needs to talk to someone. I hope it’s the former.)

Updates will post if we get any – if you know more about this story, feel free to fill the rest of us in below in the comment section. Weirrrrd.

(Stick-tap to @vcarneiro and @JDPClinton for passing this along)