karlsson ouch

Good day, hockey fans. Today’s podcast started right where you thought it would, and moves on, as in…

* Matt Cooke’s skate cut Erik Karlsson

* Why you’re an idiot for thinking it was on purpose

* Crosby and Neal: kinda decent

* MA Fleury: not as much

* The Blues win in OT

* The Flames score seven (plus an insider tip on a Flames player from me)

* Why the Sabres are struggling

* And much more (cats!)

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Comments (8)

  1. dammit, you had me at cats.

  2. Cooke’s skate cuts? Please, who fucking skates like that especially going into the boards. He has his L skate in the air & looks like he was searching for something. It was deliberate & saying your sorry is a crock. Cooke is the dirtiest player in the league, he did his job. Pre-game all the Pit talk was how they got to stop Karlsson, well they stopped him, stopped for the rest of the season with their little assasin.

    FK i wish someone would just finish off Cooke for good. He dont belong in this league.

    This was not a skating accident.

    • Please stop, you’re making all of us Sens fans look like morons.

      I hate Cooke too, but the play was an accident.

  3. How about being Dallas? Well some fans still say that it wasn’t a bad trade; Benn made Neal expendable, Neal would never have been this good in Dallas, Goligoski filled an existing hole, etc. I thought it was an iffy trade at the time and it looks absolutely terrible right now. Like, Langenbrunner and Nieuwendyk for Turgon bad.

  4. Hi Justin,

    Hockey gear fan here… Could you please give more information about the Cammallery sticks defects you were mentioning in the podcast? Maybe even do a post with pictures about it.



  5. re: hockey prices

    I can still buy an exciting night in Nashville (seats in the 200 level, a hotdog and a beer) for about $50. Canadians might be getting screwed on ticket prices, but in a lot of non-Canadian markets hockey is the best value in town.

  6. Why the Sabres are struggling. Not to over-simplify things here, but they’re The Sabres.

  7. Ok first who played in the NHL? I do not recognize anybodys name. Second I love this podcast you converse exactly like I do. War eggs. Third buffalo sucks because they paid and built thier defence around Christian Ehrhof
    Follow his history. He is not She Webber ect.

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