Los Angeles Kings v Vancouver Canucks - Game Two

Fridays are always a little goofy, and today was no exception. We discussed:

* Malhotra being put on IR, Kesler’s return

* Should visors be mandatory

* Why the Predators are good

* Brad Boyes is having success with the Isles

* The Hurricanes are better than the Leafs

* And much more

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Comments (4)

  1. I’m pretty sure Alexei Emelin on the Canadiens plays with a cage full-time now. He’s got a metal plate in his face that can’t be fucked with, though, I think.

  2. Picking a nit: Harrison Mooney is an African-Canadian.

  3. how the hell has bourne not seen any of the indiana jones movies?!?

  4. Thanks!
    Rafe Cormier

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