Chicago Blackhawks v Phoenix Coyotes

The Phoenix Coyotes struggle to get butts in the Arena seats – there’s no denying that. Because of this tiny little issue, they occasionally have to get creative with their ticket packages. Sometimes they get really creative.

Their latest offer basically has you gamble on your belief in the team. In a nutshell, for $100, you get five goals against. As in, you can go to home games in lower bowl seats until the Coyotes give up five total goals. Could be one game, could be the final ten. For $250, they’ll spot you 25 goals. The Coyotes have currently given up 20 goals at home in 8 games, for an average of…wait for it…2.5 goals against per game. As in, for $250 you can basically sit in the lower bowl for the final ten home games.

Here’s how they describe it (it’s basically the formal version of my summary – for fine print details, follow that link):

The Phoenix Coyotes announced today a new ticket package called the GOALden Ticket. The GOALden Ticket allows fans to purchase one of two ticket packages to attend anywhere from one to 10 of the Coyotes final 2012-13 regular season home games in lower level seats (regularly priced at $75) at Arena. The package will go on sale to the public on Monday, February 18.

By purchasing the first ticket package for $100, a fan will receive five (5) goals on their GOALden Ticket. Beginning on March 9 versus the Dallas Stars, fans will be able to see up to 10 Coyotes home games until the team gives up five (5) goals at Arena. Once that happens, the GOALden Ticket is void.

The second ticket package provides the fan with 25 goals on their GOALden Ticket for the price of $250. Beginning on March 9 versus the Dallas Stars, fans will have an opportunity to attend up to 10 Coyotes home games until the team gives up 25 goals at Arena. Once this occurs, the GOALden Ticket is void.

You hope for the good of the team and the people willing to take the risk (psst: it’s secretly not a risk, that’s a fair price for a lower bowl ticket) that the Yotes go a few games without giving up many goals (a shutout gets you an extra ticket to fan appreciation night against the Avalanche, so that’d be a nice bonus).

OR you hope they lose 25-spit the first game and it’s hilarious and fun. Either way.

(Stick-tap to Casey Fox for the info)