nhl 13 covers

Howdy friends! EA Sports has been kind enough to pass along a number of autographed NHL ’13 game covers for us to give out to our readers, so we’re going to make it nice and easy for everyone: all you have to do is “Like” Backhand Shelf on Facebook and share the image about the contest and you’re entered to win a game cover autographed by one of the players listed on the above image. They’re pretty sharp looking, and actually hand-signed by the corresponding star. We’ll notify the winners by the end of the week!

Comments (4)

  1. Not so nice and easy for those of us who don’t have facebook

  2. Do you get the game along with the cover?

  3. why does everything have to go threw facebook

  4. Its almost as though they designed the give away for the purpose of building up their facebook followers – rather than just to give some skid an autograph.

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