Shown: less than ideal goaltending positioning.

Shown: less than ideal goaltending positioning.

We’re back! Since we didn’t do our “Three Stars Times Three” on Monday (’twas a holiday here, apologies), we went for it today. We covered:

* The missed call in Nashville

* Some great goaltending (Scriven, Fasth, Emery)

* Some bad goaltending (Nabokov, Ward, Mason)

* Some great shots (Kessel, Silfverberg)

* Hockey Day in America

* And much more

You can listen to it here:


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  1. Nabby was less than stellar, but he was the best of an absolutely rotter bunch. Oi-vey.

    Even with the game done and dusted, Capuano wouldn’t put DiPietro in goal for the last period. Tonight vs. Ottawa will be an absolute delight.


    PS. That was sarcasm.

  2. Uhhh.. Nabokov was never on the Leafs … (18:15 in)

  3. I was at a Marlies game recently (4-2 win for the Marlies against Hamilton) and I tried to pay some extra attention to Tim Connolly’s play because he USED to be in the NHL. He was tough to find even when he was ON the ice. The guy was invisible on an AHL team. No effort, terrible skater. I know Colton Orr playing minutes in an NHL game is a problem but I can see clearly why he’s getting them over Connolly. Guy looked like an extremely average 3rd liner for the Marlies.

    In contrast, Carter Ashton looked like a SOLID 3rd-4th line NHL player who puts in the effort and is a pretty decent skater. The minute Colton Orr stops lighting it up, lets give Ashton a shot! Also, Noon: Chris Neil loaf pinching was all kinds of hilarity. You win today sir.

  4. I’ve got to say, the title of Jo Innes’ post above could apply to this one too. The sheer amount of cursing and swearing on the podcast is becoming a bit of a turn-off.

  5. With regards to the conversation on the blown offisides call…I sort of agree that a challenge or video replay should be able to reverse the goal…after all we should be putting as much emphasis on ‘getting the call right’ as possible.

    I can see the reverse though. Here’s a situation where it was offsides, but what about a play where it’s not. The player goes in on what could be a clear break or two-on-one or what have you, and the linesman incorrectly blows it offsides. Should the challenge then allow for a penalty shot, or in the case of the blown 2-on-1 some sort of weird 2-on-1 penalty shot. If the call can’t be reversed one way, I don’t think you can logistically reverse it the other way. This looks like a case of human error that we should have to live with.

  6. Can you PLEASE notice how creepy and pedophilic Ben Scrivens profile pic looks. #1 star of the weekend and he needs your help looking for his lost puppy over here by this window-less van. yikes!

  7. That moment when you learn people are being forced to watch your team play out of punishment.

  8. Jake, I thought it was only Bourne and Noon who hate the Devils. If Florida had won their first round, the playoffs would have been totally different.

  9. I might not get some of the obscure North American TV shows from the 70′s references Noon wheels out at the beginning of the podcast, but I did get today’s Copernicus one, I am hoping for Johannes Kepler and Tycho Brahe.

  10. i love how angry jake was about everything today.


    Some report seems to think that the BlackHawks have a bad powerplay. Haven’t seen it in person but interesting that 2 people can have this polar opposite of a view

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