I assume it almost did, anyway. (Thanks to @TheScottLewis for the .GIF)

Phil Kessel scored to open the scoring against the Panthers in the first period yesterday, and the release, location, and beautiful ping off the post make it one of my favourite pure snapshots I’ve seen in a long time. Here’s the video, which you need to watch so you can appreciate the ping:

Jakob Silfverberg’s in the shootout was none-too-shabby either:

NHLers: they’re not, in fact, just like us.

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  1. Without disparaging Southern teams, I love seeing visiting fans, especially of Canadian teams, outnumber the home fans in Florida or Arizona.
    Canucks fans are famous for their swings down the Pacific coast. The last few years, Anaheim, LA and Pheonix have felt like home away from home.

    • Hence the reason the NHL wanted to change the divisions last year …

      Toronto, Buffalo, Ottawa, Montreal, Boston with Tampa, Florida, and Carolina … make those Nascar teams have a full house all winter long.

      Current Nascar Division makes no sense … Caps, TB, Miami, Jets, Hurricanes.

      Same for the West Coast as you mentioned …

      Kessel … combination wrist shot with a small snap …

  2. As the announcer says, “no backswing at all”. Not a snap shot then,

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