Toronto Maple Leafs v Winnipeg Jets

The Winnipeg Jets’ Zach Redmond has been transported to hospital after taking a skate cut to his leg in Carolina practice today. Here’s their beat writer Ed Tait:





And more:




And good news!




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  1. Would it not be smart to have kevlar hockey socks? They go from the top of your thigh down over your skate, so it would not only protect your achillies but entire calf, thigh etc…

    Also, how are all these tweets being tweeted at 5:30? It’s only 12:45pm EST… Unless whomever posted this is going off the euro timezone…

  2. Agree with leaf nut.

    I get “players and their gear” stuff, but the league already standardizes on “outside” hockey socks. Why not get Reebok or whoever to build the tech into those.

    I get that they won’t be as light as the new ones, but I would also guess they would not be as heavy as the older knit ones.

    Plus Reebok can sell an “all new” sock all over again.

  3. Brutal. : ( Hopefully it’s not as bad as it sounds…

  4. They’ve been putting skate-cut proof material in socks for awhile now guys. This isn’t a new thing. Some guys wear them, most don’t.

    (Right sock)

  5. I’m ready to buy Kevlar socks to play beer league hockey. Jeez.

  6. Scary incident and I hope the reports that Redmond will be okay is correct.

    I agree with Elliot Friedman…. teams need to tell players they can’t go on the ice without kevlar socks and if players don’t like it…. grieve it. Same with visors. There has never been a legitimate argument made regarding not forcing all players to wear visors and here is why…. until a player reaches the ECHL/AHL, visors are mandatory. In other words, every hockey player in every league around the world (even Canada, Don Cherry) has had to use a visor until at least 18 years old and suddenly it’s an issue when they become professionals?
    We all have workplace safety rules and kevlar socks and visors being mandatory just makes sense.

    • If I’m not mistaken, visors are actually mandatory in the AHL and ECHL. The NHL seems to be the only league lagging behind in this regard. Curious how many players drop the visor when they start in the AHL and get up to the NHL. Looks like it has been that way since 2006;

      With these two incidents in the last 2 weeks, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear some GMs calling for an upgraded cut-proof sock.

  7. There are hockey socks with cut-resistant material, there are skate socks with cut resistant material, there are full-length leg base layers with cut-resistant material and there are calf sleeves with cut resistant material. Each player should be able to find one of those options that they are comfortable enough with to be able to wear it under their gear to make themselves safer.

  8. I saw spitballing on a message board (so… take the accuracy of that for what it’s worth) that Redmond does wear Kevlar socks, but this cut happened above it. If he’s in a skate sock with that, I can see that happening given this was at the knee and not lower.

    And all the protective gear in the world is never enough. I took a (very minor, thank god) skate cut to my freaking back on Sunday when I someone slid through my feet. It knocked me backwards and only his blades. Tore the hell out of my jersey, underarmor and other underlayer before just barely nicking my skin (seriously – it’s like a 3.5 inch paper cut on my spine which is so very obnoxious). That area is usually covered by shoulder pads, but I assume they rode up somehow when I fell. I’m in the market for a new shirt with more cut resistance, but they don’t make any that are resistant on the back.

    Which is not to say cut-resistant socks/wrist guards/neck guards are futile. On the contrary, I have the socks and will be getting a better shirt just because it prevents most of the preventable cuts. But even with all that…. sometimes cuts are gonna happen.

  9. Where was Cooke….he’s to blame……..!!!!!So says Sens fans……

  10. seriously, these players need to wear the protective items. do they not notice they are playing with weapons on their legs. how hard is it for guys to put on a slightly heavier piece of clothing to protect yourself.

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