Hockey’s poster boy for the word “enigma” went done and did it last night, as you can see above. I mean, yeah that’s pretty decent. My hunch is that going wickets on the d-man was not part of the plan, but hey, he’ll take it.

You know who could use a creative dude like him? The Capitals.

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  1. 10 to 1 his mind reaction was “HOLY SHIT! IT WORKED!!”

  2. Clearly, Semin is ruining that dressing room with his fancy, clever play making abilities.

  3. Caps have to many players like semin on there team that’s one of there many problems I think we need a player like Jvr how good has he been for the leafs crazy! Looks like I will be rooting for them this year bc my caps suck it up hard!

  4. Good thing the Caps dont have to worry about Semin or Widemans offensive prowess making Ovechkin look even worse. Smart guys over there.

    Imagine OV being tied with Wideman in points at the 1/3 mark, awkward.

  5. Semin: secretly the third Sedin

  6. Best part about it is his little leg kick at the end. Like, “don’t want to fuck this up hitting my own skate. THAT would be embarrassing”.

  7. Man, I love to see moves like that. Between him and Kessel it was a good night for pretty passes.

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