Los Angeles Kings v Edmonton Oilers

Happy Friday! Our end-of-week edition bring Scott Lewis along for the ride as always, and today we talked about…

* Taylor Hall’s knee on Cal Clutterbuck

* The Senators injury luck

* Karlsson’s comments on Matt Cooke

* Anisimov’s scary injury

* Huberdeau’s nasty penalty shot

* And much more

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Comments (3)

  1. Islanders won….

  2. You guys gotta give a shout out to Silfverberg who had a wicked backhand shelf goal on Lundqvist last night..

  3. Good fodder on this one, thanks boys. Paraphrasing here, but the line “Cal Clutterbuck was lucky he didn’t get steamrolled by…Cal Clutterbuck” was a funny line, but the notion that Clutterbuck is a dirty player or tries to hurt guys doesn’t really hold up. For a guy that is consistently amoungst league leaders in hits, Clutterbuck has never been fined or suspended by the league in his 5+ years in the league. His NHL Supp Disc. report card shows a mere two warnings. I will acknowledge that some of his hits toe the line of being considered late, but he really doesn’t cheap-shot guys and doesn’t play a dirty game. Aggressive, yes. Dirty, nope.

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