With word coming down that the 2014 Winter Classic will go ahead as (it was) planned (in 2013), it’s officially time to focus on the fun stuff, like will HBO’s 24/7 be back, and what will the sweaters look like? Well, if SportsLogos.net is to be believed as it often is, the jerseys above are what you’ll be seeing. They’re not crazy popular in the office, but I’ll tell ya – I kinda like ‘em.

The numbers on the back of the Red Wings jersey are especially sharp:


I’m not pumped about both teams going with darks (as white jerseys always look nicer), but in general, I approve. I guess my only beef with the Wings jersey would be the uber-thick low stripe and the lack of old-timey font on “Datsyuk.” Leafs’ jersey are pretty much always nice.

So, let’s get some opinions – what do you think?

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  1. Love em. The Blue and Red in HD will be fantastic, and I love both teams’ choices in eras to go. The Leafs it seems have represented every other era in sweaters before during the season except their 1932 cup winning ones, so these will be excellent.

  2. I like the look of both, the Red Wings jersey really stands out. I like what some of the goaltenders have done the past couple of years wearing vintage brown pads, I think the forwards and defensemen should wear brown gloves and helemets to further that trend, especially since this will be an Original 6 game.

    • Good lord, no brown helmets. First off, that would be a total anachronism (leave the leather heads to football, please), and secondly, the helmets need to contrast so that the refs may easily count five on a side. But I’d totally be down for brown gloves for all the skaters and the goalies.

  3. The Detroit logo looks lazy and slapped on, but the jersey itself looks cool. I refuse to ever say anything nice about Toronto.

  4. I agree about whites looking nicer, but for a game like the Winter Classic the Red vs Blue will have a classic feel to it from the days when teams didn’t have home and away sweaters.

  5. Love ‘em both. I agree about the font issue though, I wish the font on the front of the Detroit jersey was also used on the back. I liked the off-white Rangers jerseys too but I think the red and blue will look great, especially on TV (as another reader pointed out).

  6. These teams have a long history being original six teams, why couldn’t they make these jerseys look like the actual jersey the teams wore back in the 50′s-60′s? Instead they look like what a modern team would do to pretend that they had a jersey back in the old days.

  7. These are hot. Agree with the guy above. Leave off the name plates on back and they’d be pretty much perfect. Not feeling the black lace-up on the Leafs jersey though.

  8. why does the winter classic have to be old timey? it just is. also it seems a bit early for a jersey release, would have made for a great offseason announcement when there was nothing else going on.

  9. But wouldn’t removing the name disrupt the vision on the ice for the players? I would think that changing both or removing the name entirely would cause confusion. Most players, in a fast paced game, don’t have time to recognize the faces of opponents and out of place teammates. Maybe not for players, but for the refs as well.

    • you think the players are reading the names of players while theyre playing? mayyyyyyyyybe they see a number and they know they can trust that person to make a play more than someone else but no way nameplates/no nameplates matter to anyone but jersey sales

  10. also love love love the color on color

  11. What’s up with the “Detroit” above the winged wheel?–how don’t you Detroit fans think that that this is wrong? I don’t understand fabricated heritage jerseys, especially when you have a whole slew of historic styles to reboot.

  12. The Detroit jerseys are pretty lame – it looks like an overseas knockoff.

    I thought they would do something like the old-school striped one, but this makes no sense.

    The logos with the name on top is just awful – and it has no relationship to the past. The shoulder stripes look like an old Bruins jersey. I wish they would hire a design firm that actually knew or gave a sh*t about hockey to do this.

  13. id take the logo off of the wings jersey and just go with the word mark.

  14. Love both jerseys with the exception of the name font on Detroits and wish Toronto would have used the “vintage” white for the stripes, otherwise both are mint

  15. Not a fan of the multiple stripes down the arms of the Leafs jersey. I like the Detroit jersey better. Overall, they’re both good. Nothing exceptional, there’s some room for improvement.

  16. Not a Wings fan, but that jersey is fantastic. Agree with Justin, the number is great. Not surgeon the name, but a 1950′s throwback.

  17. Awesome jerseys!! I love both. Blue and Red will look real good on tv ( sorry to repeat that for the 3rd time). I was really looking forward to the matchup for this year, so I’m really happy it was chosen to be these 2 teams for next year. I do also think that no names would be a good idea, but I think fans might miss the nameplates. Although it would look pretty fitting to the idea of a total theiwback.

  18. Don’t believe the NHL would allow a Red vs Blue game, one will probably be white.

  19. Dayum!! I actually think some alternates are colours so maybe they’ll allow it for one game. Besides red vs blue the refs should be able to handle it if that’s the NHL’s problem (refs)

  20. Well if they go with those jerseys they’ll look awesome

  21. The font on the number is kind of rough on the Datsyuk Jersey. But whatever, they look good overall.

    As you know, Hockey fans are the highest echelon of fashion appreciators and critiques.

  22. The interesting thing about the Wings’ jersey is that the name isn’t “arched” like normal.

    They usually have them like that in training camp and then switch them when they get to the actual season, though, so they would likely customize a set when the actual game rolls around.

  23. I wish more teams would play their dark colours actually. I think that it would look better on the electron display device that the kids call “tele-vision”

  24. To be honest if the colours are different I think it wouldn’t matter if one was white and one colour. I think it would look awesome withers on blue or teams just being allowed to wear colours as long as they aren’t the same colour.

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