With word coming down that the 2014 Winter Classic will go ahead as (it was) planned (in 2013), it’s officially time to focus on the fun stuff, like will HBO’s 24/7 be back, and what will the sweaters look like? Well, if SportsLogos.net is to be believed as it often is, the jerseys above are what you’ll be seeing. They’re not crazy popular in the office, but I’ll tell ya – I kinda like ‘em.

The numbers on the back of the Red Wings jersey are especially sharp:


I’m not pumped about both teams going with darks (as white jerseys always look nicer), but in general, I approve. I guess my only beef with the Wings jersey would be the uber-thick low stripe and the lack of old-timey font on “Datsyuk.” Leafs’ jersey are pretty much always nice.

So, let’s get some opinions – what do you think?