Jonathan Drouin is going to go in the top 5 of the next NHL entry draft, mostly because he’s ridiculously talented. His performance at the World Junior Championships over the past year put him on my radar, and I quickly became a fan. Or a fanboy. Whatever.

The goal above (versus Bathurst) reminds of the stuff The Professor used to do on the And1 Mixtape Tour – juke someone, flat beat them, then head back to where they started because, whatever, I can do that whenever I want. Those kids he’s up against just aren’t in his league.

(Stick-tap to @ScotiaFlamesFan)

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  1. Holy *&#@! That is a clinic in getting smoked 1 v 1 isn’t it Justin? I sent that to my team with some talking points about drive-by defense and the importance of hard starts / fast stops when defending a superior stickhandler…let’s hope the D takes a good hard look at that and tries NOT to repeat it in the playoffs this weekend!

  2. Heh, you name-dropped The Professor. Nice to know I wasn’t the only insomniac watching those dumb things at 2 am. “THE PERFESSORRRRRR! OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” :::cut to fourteen fans dancing on the court because it’s just too awesome yo:::

  3. Is he even 6ft? Looks tiny.

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