New York Rangers v Montreal Canadiens

UPDATE: The league has decided not to fine or suspend Max Pacioretty for his hit Saturday night on the Rangers’ Ryan McDonagh.


Montreal Canadiens forward Max Pacioretty will have a phone hearing with the league later today due to an incident last night against the New York Rangers.

Pacioretty, who took a big hit earlier in the game up against the boards from a hit by Ryan McDonagh, was called for boarding McDonagh in the second period, who left the game and did not return.

How many games, if any,  do you think he will be suspended for?

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  1. Probably a fine, maybe ~25,000

  2. 1 or 2 games, I see this on the same level of recklessness as the Hall on Clutterbuck hit.

  3. Wow !

    First, the McDonagh on Pacioretty wasn’t hard, a very little push from behind, but Pacioretty fell ackwardly on top of the board, in front of the Canadiens bench. Nothing to see here.

    The Pacioretty hit was somewhat rough, but McDonagh knew he was coming, and Pacioretty was coming at an angle, not straight from behind. I think McDonagh played it bad, he should have braced for the hit and protect the puck in his skates, instead of placing himself in a vulnerable position. Pacioretty doesn’t hit very often so maybe McDonagh was surprised. He wouldn’t have played it the same if it was Dustin Brown, or Cal Clutterbuck coming.

    2 more observations : the referee very close to the hit didn’t call a penalty, and the Rangers, whether Taylor Pyatt right there or any other Rangers later in the game went after Pacioretty to even say a thing.

    I say no suspension, maybe, maybe a fine.

  4. Hey NHL,

    Clean up your shitty game, everyone is getting hurt or suspended.

  5. Max is reckless on all 200 feeet of ice. he scores a couple shit goals and all of a sudden he isthinking he is the noveau rocket richard. this whiny, dirty puke is gonna get himself killed one day on the ice. i wouldnt want to be someone like prust who has to stick up for this punk.

  6. Pacioretty is a repeat offender. I expect 3+ and no less. The photo shows him about 8″ off the ice.

    New NHL slogan, “F Max “Patches” Pacioretty”

  7. Its getting pretty ridiculous, the regularity of these types of hits. The league pretty much ended bench clearing brawls with automatic 10 game bans, perhaps it time for something similar with boarding/hits to the head…5 games minimum for careless/reckless hits and 10 games for hits deemed intentional/flagrant. Enough already…

  8. how about as many as Chara got.

  9. There’s nothing wrong with that hit. He even let up and didn’t turn into the hit. He hit him on the side, not even full on behind him. No Rangers players stepped up, the commentators didn’t even chirp about it. Torts was the only one squaking after the game, so I suspect he’s the reason Max is getting the call. This will probably result in a fine, and it’s NOWHERE near the hit from Hall on Clutterbuck. Knee to knee is the same as this? No, not in any sense of the situation.

  10. Pacioretty still hasn’t learned to not cause sh*t on the ice after getting his neck broken and being suspended…..he’s STILL running people??? Wow. Matter of time before somebody “Bertuzzis” him….

  11. No suspension, no fine.

    I’m wondering what to think of a few posts here…

  12. Erm, surely MacDonough gets himself hit here. Where did he think he was going to go. he turned right into the hit

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