Boston Bruins v Florida Panthers

And we’re back! It’s Monday, so we once again busted out our TSTT (Three Stars Times Three) to hit on…

* Joe Thornton, NHL heavyweight

* Thomas Vanek’s slump (points in one of his last seven games)

* The Blackhawks’ roll

* Don Cherry’s recent “no drugs in hockey” quote

* The Bruins start (and Chara’s goal)

* The Penguins weekend (Crosby’s on fi-yah, Malkin’s concussed)

* And much more

You can listen to it here:

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Comments (9)

  1. The Thronton v Toews thing go’s back to February 10th 2011. Thornton is the major cause for Toews’ concussion issues from last year. He should have been suspended for the blows to Captain Marvel’s skull last year, but there was no punishment of any kind. Toews lost essentially the rest of his year because of that. He wanted to let him know he didn’t forget – basically said as much in his postgame last Friday night.

    Tie it together like you get paid for analysis boys!

    • Seriously, there’s a whole history here, centering around Thornton snapping Tazer’s head back during a scrum last spring and starting all his concussion problems. Toews wasn’t just being feisty for the hell of it, that’s not how he does.

  2. The Wild did beat the Blackhawks already this season: WED JAN 30, 2013 – their first loss.

    Shoot-out loss though, so of course that doesn’t count.

  3. “Punch the blood out of him” is all I took away from this podcast.

  4. Props on bringing up Neil deGrasse Tyson. Keep up the solid work.

  5. Correction…Blackhawks AND DUCKS can’t lose.

  6. This is going to sound crazy, but the best thing for the Blackhawks right now would be a 10-15 game stretch where they play .500 hockey or worse and get terrible goaltending. This would enable management to realize that Corey Crawford and Emery are exactly who they’ve always been…decent backups. If the Hawks want to turn this amazing start into another Cup win then they need to make a deal for a more consistent goaltender. Crawford was only slightly better than useless last postseason and when the pressure gets cranked up in the playoffs my money will be on him folding again. The Hawks should do themselves a favour and send a 1st, a guy like Stalberg and Crawford or Emery to Calgary for Kipper. Feaster’s dumb enough to make the deal.

  7. Gordie Howe Hat Trick = Goal, Assist, Fight.
    Joe Thornton Hat Trick = Fight, Assist, Loss

  8. Have to say the ‘Front Office Corner’ got a huge laugh out of me. A progression from zany suit a la Cherry to un-done tie sitting on a stool looking pissed off. I am not sure Ron McLean would be able to handle it.

    Loving the Blackhawks recently. I think they could go to March 20th without a loss. Won’t happen now I have said that though.

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