Good morning! “What’d I Miss?” is a new feature that will run after weekends for those people who used their weekend like, doin’ stuff instead of constantly watching hockey. Doin’ stuff is the worst. Stick-tap to Pro Hockey Talk, a major source for this.


I’m not exactly sure what happened that we woke up this morning and the halfway mark of the NHL schedule is on the horizon, but here we are. And um, the Blackhawks still haven’t been beaten in regulation (#isthatgood?)

Here are the most interesting tidbits, highlights, and controversial moments from the past weekend in the NHL. And by past weekend I mean since you left work at five o’clock on Friday.

Taylor Hall got suspended two games for his knee on Cal Clutterbuck

The Oilers beat the Coyotes Saturday afternoon in his absence, and they’ll have to face the Chicago Blackhawks without him tonight as well. The suspension will cost him around 10 thousand dollars or so, but whatevs, amirite rich people?

You can check out Brendan Shanahan’s explanation video here.

Oh, and bee-tee-dubs, I wrote about Hall and kneeing in general Friday. …Sorry for the whole bee-tee-dubs thing.

The Blackhawks still haven’t lost in regulation

I already mentioned that briefly, but it’s a bit of a talking point. They’re 15-0-3 after beating San Jose 3-2 on Friday night and sneaking past Columbus 1-0 on Sunday. For a run like this, you need your off days to pair up with games against soft opponents, and that’s exactly what happened for the Hawks yesterday. Shaw scored the goal, his fourth of the year.

The NHL’s reigning MVP Evgeni Malkin was diagnosed with a concussion

He took the blow (shown below) Friday night against the Panthers. “Concussion-like symptoms” turned into short-term memory-loss, and they’re saying he’ll miss at least the next three games against Florida, Carolina and Montreal. He has no other symptoms and his memory is returning, according to Dan Bylsma.

Scott Hartnell made his return

He missed the last 16 games with a broken foot. The Flyers and Claude Giroux will be happy to have him back – dude almost scored 40 last year and they’ve been hurting for someone like him (and hey neat, Evander Kane might have pulled his hair in his return). The Flyers are currently tied for 8th (though they’ve played more games than the Lightning), and seem like they could be leaving their early-season struggles behind them. Though truth-be-told, I still have no idea what to expect from this team.

The Rangers called up Christian Thomas because Rick Nash may be headed to the IR with a concussion

Christian Thomas was a second-round pick of the Rangers in 2010, and is the son of ex-NHLer Steve Thomas. He got the nod after Nash’s mysterious injury saw him retroactively added to the IR. He took a hard hit from Lucic a handful of games back, played the next game, but has sat out the last three. The Rangers are in 10th in the East, just one big ‘ol zero off the spot they expected to be in at this point.

Ryane Clowe might be suspended for a big chunk of games after leaving the bench to fight

He was obviously frustrated as the clock wound down on a Sharks loss, and as luck would have it, that’s when Andrew Shaw hit Joe Pavelski in what Clowe deemed a dangerous manner/an excuse to punch out his frustrations, so he left the bench to grapple with him. He has an in-person hearing today which means we’re looking at over five games, and he could be looking at as many as ten.

It seems to me that Clowe can just say he was coming on for Pavelski who was near the boards, but given the whole “in-person hearing” thing, I’m guessing they’re not having that.

Alex Ovechkin scored his first hat-trick in a couple years

Though I should note, it’s his 11th of his career, which is pretty decent. He now has 8 and 6 for 14 points in 17 games, a respectable total. He still has the raw skill to bury pucks when given the chance, so it was kind of refreshing to see him do something like this again. If he works hard he might even be able to catch the likes of Kevin Shattenkirk and Nazem Kadri in points! (Aww, I’m just teasin’.)

Sam Gagner is having himself a year, scored himself a wicked shootout goal

He’s leading the Oilers in scoring – y’know, the Oilers who have Taylor Hall, Jordan Eberle, Nail Yakupov, and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins – and finds himself on the front page of the NHL.com leaderboard with 17 points (T22 in the league). He also helped the Oilers beat the Coyotes in a shootout with this ridonkulous move:

Max Pacioretty won’t receive any supplementary discipline on the hit below

I love this picture (though, granted, McDonagh could probably do without it).


For those of you who’d like to see the play it happened on:

I saw folks on Twitter complaining that he didn’t get suspended, but look – if you hit someone illegally, you get a penalty. He did (boarding). No supplementary discipline doesn’t mean the NHL thinks the hit is clean, they think suspensions and fines are reserved for egregious, malicious plays, and that this wasn’t worthy of further punishment. They’re not saying they’re “a-okay” with the play. It was illegal, he got penalized, everyone’s fine, moving on.

Wayne Simmonds had a Gordie Howe hat-trick

It’s his second all-time, and man, did he earn it. Great fight (one of those crazy “wanna just trade face shots?” fights), great goal and good assist.

There’s a new realignment plan for conferences in the NHL?


Paul MacLean is making a strong Jack Adams push

The Ottawa Senators have now won four straight games and currently have Jason Spezza, Erik Karlsson, Craig Anderson and Milan Michalek on the sidelines with injuries. They’re 11-6-2, and tied for fourth in the East with 24 points.

Ryan Miller is going crazy

The Sabres got shut out by the Islanders 4-0 on Saturday, and now own the title of “last place in the East.” 13 points in 19 games: sort of underachieving there.

Anyway, Miller flew off the handle (again), this time trying to fight Matt Martin, who would absolutely destroy him. This guy needs to exhale.

Joe Thornton is getting all fighty lately, going with Jamie Benn on Saturday

He had just fought Jonathan Toews (though he didn’t seem to really want to) in the previous game. Thornton and Benn are both big boys, and while I don’t know what led them to drop the mitts, I like that they did. My only concern is for Canada’s 2014 Olympic team – why’s all the hate for the mates, Jumbo Joe?

The Boston Bruins are off to their best start in 36 years

They’ve played at least two fewer games than every other Eastern Conference team  (three or four less than most), and sit in fourth (second-most points) wtih an 11-2-2 record. Their 4-1 win over Florida was the first time they’ve won by more than two goals though, so y’know, WHAT A BUNCH OF LOSERS.

Oh, and…

Zdeno Chara scored a ridiculous goal

Hey, now we know: it takes almost the length of the entire offensive zone for a six-foot nine-inch tall human to do a deft pirouette with the puck before scoring Backhand Shelf. I mean, let’s be frank here: this goal is ridiculous.

To be that big and talented…it’s just silly.

Jonathan Drouin had a pretty amazing shift

Given the pronunciation of “Drew-Ann,” I really need you guys to come with me on a quest to get the nickname “Drouin-d One” to stick. As in, DrouAnd1. As in, the And1 Mixtape Tour ballers that do stuff few people in the world can, cause that’s what Drouin reminds me of. If you aren’t aware, Drouin is a projected top five (let’s be honest, top three) pick in the upcoming NHL entry draft.

Check this out:


Roberto Luongo gave up a touchdown complete with two point conversion Sunday

The Red Wings hung eight on him, as they took down the Canucks 8-3. Damien Brunner had two-and-two for four points in the game, bringing his total on the year to 10 and 6 for 16 in 19 games. None too shabby for the 26-year old first year player.

And finally,

The Sedins kinda have the “intentional-icing” end-boards lead pass thing down

It’s such a great play, it’s amazing more people don’t use it.

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  1. What game is the forced watching game of the week yet?

    • I picked Columbus/Dallas for Jake tomorrow night. I realize Dallas probably doesn’t fall into the “dullest team” category, but if we just take turns making each other watch Minnesota/Calgary (also available tomorrow night) the real loser is going to be the reader.

      • Please, Dallas is duller than Calgary.

        Most Flames games have been really entertaining this year. Brodie and Wideman bring a big offensive element to the back end which was lacking the last few years. We’ve also allowed the most goals in the Western Conference but we’re hanging in there, or just on the outside. This ain’t the same old Flames.

        Since Dallas got rid of their exciting players (Ott, Ribiero, and Fistric), they now have the 4 perennial “Most Underrated” i.e. (boring) stars: Eriksson, Benn, Morrow, and Lehtonen.

        For me, they’re in the top 3 most boring with Minnesota and Columbus.

        You’re really taking one for the team watching that game, ouch!

        • “You’re really taking one for the team watching that game, ouch!”

          That was directed at Jake btw..

        • Also, Wideman and Brodie are influencing Bouwmeester , who’s averaging over 2 Shots / Game, which is way more than his previous high in CGY, and equal to his career highs in Florida.

          He’s been awesome this year.

  2. 1, The kid in the Canadiens jersey in the stands steals that photo of Pacioretty/Mcdonagh

    2. I still can`t believe that the Senators wanted to sign Redden over Chara all those years ago. Boggles the mind. Even before Redden fell off the earth, Chara was the smart pick.

  3. Great new column and great review of the weekend. Something to look forward to on Monday’s. I loved the Benn/Thornton scrap. You can see at the 1 min mark of the video Thornton gives Benn the classic spear to the nads move which sparks the fight.

  4. Re more people not using the intentional icing pass: Isn’t that the kind of thing that would get most guys stapled to the bench if they try it and it doesn’t work?

    • True enough – it’s like how the Kings only try the Doughty-to-Kopitar aerial long bomb pass when they have a lead of two goals or more.

  5. Great new feature!

  6. Holy hell that Drouin clip is filled with hockey awesomeness!

  7. Who was the Devils’ D on the second Ovie goal? It’s like that guy didn’t get the memo that was seemingly distributed league-wide to close him down and don’t let him shoot between your legs when playing him one-on-one.

  8. Poor Ryan Miller – I get the feeling he has some (lots?) lingering bitterness from the lockout.

  9. Funny, I started watching the Drouin clip asking “which kid is Drouin???” Then I was like Ooooohhhh, THAT kid is Drouin.

  10. We can all make Chara’s move on the pond, but he’s 6’9″ and that was an NHL game! His next Bobby Orr imitation will be the full lengths rush one handed wrap-around.

  11. You noted that Simmonds had a Gordie Howe hat trick, but failed to mention that Benn had one as well. In addition to the tussle with Thornton, he had a beaut of a goal and a nice assist to Jagr.

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