The Philadelphia Flyers Twitter account shared a couple of images of Ilya Bryzgalov’s new goalie mask, on which our friendly universe-lover has gone full-Star Wars. I’m not making fun of adults who like Star Wars with that title by the way, because Star Wars is awesome, but when it comes from Bryz it just sorta feel like you’re in his bedroom looking at his Star Wars bedsheets and action figures (still in the package, of course).

The bad part: Yoda with the red lightsaber, which is supposed to be green. I’m sure this will outrage some people, but I’m making the ruling: still a cool mask, and perfectly Bryzzy.


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  1. Again, Flyers fans….GLWAT

  2. during this time… Holmgren with the face palm

  3. Wait, why is Yoda orangish? Isn’t he supposed to be green?

  4. It’s evil yoda you noob!

  5. I agree, cool mask! I almost wonder if Bryz is just messing with us at this point. Talking about being an astronaut during the lockout, and now Star Wars?

    Oh and his mask isn’t wrong, he just went to the future and saw that Disney screwed up the color of the light saber.

    Random thought, how cool (nerdy) would it be if the Buffalo Sabers had light sabers as their logo???

  6. He’s not gonna put a green lightsaber on an orange and black-themed helmet. None of you dinguses even care that yoda’s orange.

  7. I think it’s more orange… Not red.

  8. I’m sorta intrigued by Darth Vader. Is he reaching for a coffee cup? Is he channeling Spock and going for the Vulcan mind meld or that knock-out shoulder pinch? Is he showing how far Bryz missed the last puck by?

    • Is he going to stick his fingers in the air holes? Did he think it was a bowling ball?

    • Maybe he was excited because his thumb was already stuck in the air hole and he just got it out. Ok. Enough. Sorry for the interruptions.

    • Vader’s doing his famous force choking move so when Bryzgalov chokes, you know what to blame..

      or maybe he’s just hoping it might help cause some players to choke when going for a goal

    • One of the memes that used to show up on goalie boards (they might still) is posting up pictures of a goalie doing the Jedi Mind Trick — usually a picture taken with the puck in the air and the goalie’s gaze obviously focused on the puck.

      I could be wrong, but Bryz might be doing a riff on that theme.

  9. Here’s the most important bit- Justin just outed himself as a nerd.

    “The bad part: Yoda with the red lightsaber, which is supposed to be green.”

    Really, only nerds know why that’s a worse offense than Yoda being orange.

    • My four-year-old nephew knew that Vader was supposed to have a red saber – he pointed out that a picture in a catalog was wrong. This is pretty much a universal thing.

    • Come on, it’s not only nerds that know that. Yoda is a Jedi Master, not a Sith Lord. OB-VI-OUS!

  10. He’s having fun, he always seems to be having fun actually…and what the hell he’s a darn good goalie who happens to enjoy life. Hard to imagine why. I like it.

  11. That shot of Darth Vader is pure gold lol

  12. LOL, the comments are hilarious.
    Freaking love Bryz. He’s so entertaining. But glad he’s not my goaltender.

    Now, everytime he lets a cookie get by. He needs to stratch his arms out, clench his fists, and…”NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

  13. Philadelphia Flyers colours are orange, that’s why Yoda and the lightsaber are orange.

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