I’m a huge fan of all things “mic’d up.” I would pay an ungodly sum to get all the players mic’d up and watch/listen to games on HBO, uncensored. Last night Zac Rinaldo rocked a mic, and didn’t change his behaviour, which is fun for the rest of us.

I know his type – the tough guy who tells you every game just how DEAD he’s going to make you – and grew to find them hilarious. Your best bet is to ignore them, but I think Phil Kessel went with a sharp “No you’re not” retort. GOT ‘IM.

By the way: please don’t get too sensitive about this (“But head shots!“). Hockey’s a tough game, and attempts at intimidation are a real thing. They aren’t going anywhere.

(Stick-tap to @BroadStreetHockey for the clip)

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  1. There was an even better quote from Rinaldo in that game, when he goaded Brown into a penalty and told him “To the box, bitch”, though they cut the bitch at the end.

  2. Goaded Brown into a penalty? Is that what we call diving nowadays?

  3. Im with you Bourne. Pay per View hockey with mics between the bench’s and around the goalies. Play it all!

    • Not to parade rain, but how would they edit anything? Not for obscenities or whatever, but you have dozens of guys talking on the ice/bench all at once, listening to it wouldn’t make any sense.

      I love this idea, love the mic’d up stuff that NFL Films does, and think they could do more of it in all sports.

      But it really wouldn’t work live.

  4. If PK Subban was doing this all everyone would be saying is “what a dick”
    Rinaldo is going to pick the wrong fight, rookies always do.

    • if Rinaldo acted like PK Subban people would be talking about what a dick Rinaldo is, instead of praising his ‘swagger’

  5. He’s not a rookie, it’s his second year. But, for the record, I’d call him a Dick. Although, I’m a Rangers fan so all Flyers are Dicks….except for Bryz. That guy is pure entertainment.

  6. Rinaldo is an idiot.

  7. Heh, <3 2012/13 Rinaldo.

  8. Really, someone playing a hard hitting game telling an opponite he’s going to eff him up and it’s news???

    Wow, maybe you guys should leave the keyboard behind and try to compete in real life, because talking crap is part of competing

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