This killed me this morning.

No disrespect meant to The Great One, it has to be grating that every time you attend a game – hell, almost every time you leave the house – you’re stuck writing your name on pucks ‘n’ stuff.

But seriously: Wayne is contemplating death here, whether it be his own, or that of the person asking him to sign stuff. Poor dude.

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  1. Do you have an alternate link for this video? It won’t load for me for some reason.

  2. Look at his eyes..lololo. he wants to kill the fuc. Lolo

  3. He’d much rather give you the autograph after you spend $10,000 to attend his fantasy camp.

  4. My friend escorted him around the Flyers game last night and said he was so nice. He was so impressed with her getting him to the elevator without any crowds that he asked her to take a picture with him. She was over the moon about the experience.

  5. It’s unfortunate that this video exists. Every single story I’ve heard about Wayne involves him going above and beyond to please people. Especially with kids.

  6. Well, we all know he’s a good sport with the fans, but who wouldn’t be disgruntled with signing a million autographs. Regardless, he’s always been a true role model, class act, and ambassador for the game, plus he knows the territory.
    Although….I’d be regularly frustrated as well if my daughters continued behavior attempted to disgrace the name I worked so hard to establish as legendary at every turn.

  7. I’m sure Wayne knows those are going up on Ebay, I’d be annoyed too.

  8. He doesn’t look THAT annoyed. It looks like he was interested in what was happening on the ice too as a fan of the game. It’s not like he was dealing directly with a fan either -in which case I bet he would have been very friendly. I don’t know… the nicest person the world would have that face for 3 seconds if they were signing a stack of pucks at a game they were interested in.

  9. Gretzky is not a nice person. My sister had cancer and was getting over chemo (it was obvious, no hair and swollen like a beach ball) When she asked politely, he SAIND NOTHING BUT WAVED HIS HEAD NO AND HANDS IN TEH AIR LIKE “GET AWAY FROM ME”. I have seen him ignore little kids asking for autographs too. He would be nothing without fans.

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