Montreal Canadiens v New York Rangers

Ola! Today had some non-hockey-action news to discuss such as…

* Erik Cole traded for Michael Ryder and a third

* Simon Gagne is headed back to Philly

As well as actual hockey action like…

* Florida scored four PP goals

* Thomas VoBOOOOOOOun

* What’s the problem with the Rangers?

* Evander Kane is good at hockey

* And much more

You can listen to it here:


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Comments (8)

  1. you guys are so fucking annoying

    • You good sir couldn’t be more wrong. The intro music is awful, but I understand why it’s used. What I don’t understand is why you don’t tell them why they are so annoying. Leave some constructive criticism and make the world (read:podcast) a better place!

  2. Ugh, I always feel bad for the people that have to listen to it. Sometimes I wish the government had never made that mandatory.

  3. I would like to offer a full refund for the cost of today’s podcast.

  4. The intro music is pretty weak. Didn’t you guys used to have an awesome intro? Maybe that was a different podcast but it had me ready to go whenever I heard it, which sucked since I usually listen to these mid-afternoon well before any hockey starts. So maybe the intro is appropriate.

  5. The Stars have 11 straight games of 3 goals or more. They’re averaging 3.55 goals a game over this streak. They’re not “hurting for scoring.” I know you guys don’t watch many Stars games, but they’ve actually got a pretty good forward group.

    That said, I’m not exactly happy about the trade. I think Cole will end up playing on the third line once Whitney returns, which is where Ryder was.

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