Nashville Predators v Anaheim Ducks

Howdy! Four games played last night, which saw…

* Kyle Palmieri get a natural hat trick

* The Ducks flaunt their depth

* Simon Gagne score for the Flyers

* A terrible game played in Toronto

* The Kings keep rolling

* And much more

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Comments (7)

  1. Name the team with 10 players with 10+ points? Only team in the league.. That’s depth..

    They’re also going to be the same team to deliver the Blackhawks their 1st regulation loss..

  2. I hate hockey. The Leafs suck. Carlyle sucks. Kessel sucks. All bums!!!!! No one gives a fuck except Grabo.

    I understand Colton playing on the 3rd line to start because God (Frattin) is out and Colton creates space but enough is enough, get that shit out of here in the 3rd period of a game we’re barely hanging onto. Get rid of Holzer- he’s a bum. Bring up Jakey (and not Goldsbie, he’s a bum too). Get rid of Costco- he’s a bum and he looks like Alfredson.

  3. Im sorry but you can’t call anything the “poor man’s hamburger helper”.

  4. Pretty much any advanced possession-related statistic says that Anaheim is getting very lucky right now and is in no way a legit cup contender. It might look bad now, but their best option long-term is probably to trade Perry for a huge haul now, rather than banking on getting out of the West and losing him for nothing.

    (For reference:

  5. I love the Leafs, when the Habs beat them. That’s why I hate the Bruins, they don’t recognize when it’s time for revenge, and they should lose.

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