Tampa Bay Lightning v New York Islanders

Over the past few injury-riddled years, Rick DiPietro has become somewhat of a whipping boy for NHL fans. We’ve laughed at him for being “made of glass,” we’ve laughed at the Islanders for giving him a huge contract, and we’ve laughed at his recent lack of success when he’s been well enough to play. Of course, he’s not oblivious to this.

I’ve mentioned on the podcast a few times that I’ve felt bad for him. With big contracts come big expectations and pressure, and when you feel like you’re disappointing people and failing everyday, especially when you know you’re under a microscope, it can’t be a ton of fun. That thinking was confirmed today when Kevin Maher tweeted out a preview of his interview with DiPietro today in the wake of him getting sent down to the AHL.

Here’s what he shared:

The best points, as usual, have come from Patrick Burke:





Yup. Here’s an earlier piece where Rick “jokes” about some of the mental struggles.