Philadelphia Flyers v Colorado Avalanche

Happy Friday! We were on with the one and only SLewis today, and we discussed:

* Ryan O’Reilly staying with the Avs

* Rick DiPietro’s comments about being sent down

* Nazem Kadri’s game against the Isles

* The Streakhawks keep blacking, or whatever

* The Jets are lookin’ good

* And much more

You can listen to it here:


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Comments (4)

  1. Re: Salary variance that Bourne was talking about.

    I believe the CBA rule only applies if the contract is ”back-diving”, not ”front-climbing” that O’Reilly’s will be doing.

  2. Can anyone tell me how much money you could of won if you bet on the Blackhawks winning every game?

    This points streak is a money-maker for someone. At the beginning yes but i am sure the Hawks odds are low. It may be better to bet on who they will lose to.

  3. Did Rick DiPietro really give up 5 goals in the first period for Bridgeport on Friday?!? Yikes…

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