Ottawa Senators v Philadelphia Flyers

UPDATE: The Senators have updated the condition of Lundin after the hit, and it’s not great news for Sens fans.



Philadelphia Flyers forward Harry Zolnierczyk may be facing a possible hearing with Brendan Shanahan after delivering a huge hit on Senators defenseman Mike Lundin.

The question on this hit will come down to, did he leave his feet before the hit, and was it a head shot?

For the record, Zolnierczyk was issued a game misconduct for the hit, and will meet with the league Sunday.


H/T to Eye on Hockey

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  1. Zolnierchzyk is a piece of shit

  2. Im going to avoid the standard debate and ask why, and since when, it became necessary for players to attempt to destroy each other when your standard shoulder-to-shoulder/chest hit would separate the opponent from the puck just wonderfully (and serve as a proper warning to keep your head up)?

    I’m asking this legitimately so I’d love to hear others’ thoughts…am I tripping here or has the destructo-hit become the norm?

  3. Absolutely no place in the game for this kind of check. He lined him up from a distance, and launched high. No question major+GM was the right call, and he should be suspended as well. Shanahan needs to continue suspending players for these types of actions until they demonstrate respect for one another. There is nothing wrong with a hard shoulder to chest hit, and guys skating with their heads down through open ice should expect one, but these needlessly high, “launching” type hits must go away.

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