Chicago Blackhawks v Detroit Red Wings

Patrick Kane has done this before against the Detroit Red Wings, but today’s shootout winner was different, as came on the day the Blackhawks extended their season-opening point streak to an NHL record 22 games.


To appreciate the goal a little more, you have to see the video evidence. Tough for goalies when a player takes five minutes to shoot the puck, but it counted!

 Here was Kane’s goal against the Red Wings last April.

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  1. Well, technically getting to overtime is what extended the point streak to 22 games…

  2. Kane looks like he’s managed to skate in so close that Howard wouldn’t be able to do anything even if he had known where the shot was going.

  3. eddie o said it best. as a goalie in that situation you just have to guess a spot. with kaner, this hot and confident and quick he is gonna do it anyway. Just try not to look silly checking the back of the net for the puck.

  4. Howard should have just surprised him with a hip check.

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