Mobntreal Canadiens v Boston Bruins

Good morning! “What’d I Miss?” is a new feature that will run after weekends for those people who used their weekend like, doin’ stuff instead of constantly watching hockey. Doin’ stuff is the worst. Stick-tap to Pro Hockey Talk, a major source for this.


Another weekend, another pair of wins for the Chicago Blackhawks.

They currently have a 17 point lead in their division. After 22 games. Feel free to note that the Blue Jackets only have 16 points total.


It helps that they have guys like Patrick Kane who can do stuff like this, I ‘spose:

That’s him icing the game in a shootout for the Hawks. Someone needs to slow that footage down and see if the puck moves backwards on a stick-handle or something. There has to be some way we can make that dude take the penalty shot at least at half speed. (Though I absolutely love watching him do this, something about it just doesn’t seem competitively fair.)

Jamie Benn owes the league a little dough

10,000 dollars, to be specific. Apparently he viewed Ryan Jones semi-goalie push thing as some violent act (despite the Jones “my bad” head tap to Lehtonen), so he decided to cross-check him in the spine, which never feels great.

The Habs gave up ten goals in two games this weekend

…And somehow escaped with three points. The lost 7-6 in OT to Pittsburgh on Saturday (the NHL’s highest scoring game of the season), then went into Boston and took part in one of the best games of the year, beating them 4-3. They now have a two point lead in the East over the Bruins, who have three games in hand on them.

Harry Zolnierczyk got suspended for four games

It’s almost like you can’t launch yourself like a missile into an opponent’s brain matter anymore?

Unsurprisingly, Mike Lundin of the Senators is now out with a concussion.

The Oilers had a trigger-unhappy period yesterday

edm shotless

For only the fourth time in the history of the franchise, the Oilers managed zero shots in a period. At least they only gave up 18(!) in the same frame.

Patrick Kaleta made me tweet a bad thing

But I can’t really be blamed, can I? Here’s his cross-check to the numbers of Brad Richards, who was very clearly in a vulnerable spot.

It is seriously incredible that he didn’t have any vertebrae turned into talcum powder there. I mean…

Buffalo Sabres v New York Rangers


(Tortorella called the hit “disgusting.”)

Kaleta, who has a weeeee bit of a reputation, will definitely be getting suspended for this.

And oh, Sabres fans: yes, Dan Girardi’s boarding penalty was dangerous too, and could also be subject to some supplemental discipline (maybe a fine?). But don’t act like the two are on par. That’s just not accurate.

Henrik Sedin made Anze Kopitar miss

Apologies to whomever created this .GIF, I forget where I first saw it (@ThomasDrance, maybe?) but c’mannn: check that out. Henrik on Kopitar deserves a Chris Berman “WOOP!” here.

Alexei Kovalev is calling it good

He’s been a healthy scratch six times this season, and it seems like he’s had enough.

Funny how that works.

Mike Komisarek has also had enough

Ryan O’Reilly made his return to the Colorado Avalanche line-up

…And promptly scored an own goal, helping Columbus sneak past the Avs 2-1.

Eh, just some bad luck. And certainly not that he was trying to score against the Avs because he hates them. …Right?

Rick DiPietro’s AHL debut did not go swimmingly

He got yanked in the first intermission after giving up five goals on 12 shots.

Mike Smith made a mini-scorpion save

Heel kick!

Jonathan Huberdeau’s Calder case got stronger

He was named rookie of the month for February (six tucks in 13 games), then went out and scored his 9th and 10th goals of the season yesterday, the only two the Panthers got in a 3-2 loss to Carolina. The Hurricanes beat them twice this weekend actually, and now find themselves with a four point lead in the Southeast after their little three game winning streak.

John Tavares pulled out The Forsberg

And man, did he look slick doing it.

He’s single-handedly made me confused about whether I’m rooting for the Isles to tank or make playoffs.

Chara didn’t like Emelin’s crosscheck on Seguin

NHL regular season’s are long – yes, even this shortened one – and you can’t let guys take liberties on your best players, so I love that Zdeno Chara went right at Emelin here (though you worry for Emelin, who’s got some hardware in his face from previous injuries).

Still, big ups (yeah, I said big ups) to Boston’s captain for sticking up for his skill guys. The Bruins would be a nightmare to play.

The only thing Bruins-based I didn’t care for this weekend were Claude Julien’s comments about the Habs: “There was a lot of embellishment. It’s pretty embarrassing for our game.”

Still blows my mind that coaches – not just fans – are willing to look petty by making comments like that. Like one team has incorporated institutional diving, while other teams are all on the up-and-up, or something. C’mon now.

And finally…

The worst fight in the history of hockey happened this weekend

I mean, “fight” is probably a bit much. This takes place in something called the “LNAH,” which I’m pretty sure just provides an icy boxing ring for people to slug it out in. Francis Lessard and Sebastien Laferriere, take it away:

Oh boy.