Boston Bruins v Florida Panthers

Howdy! I opted to work from home today – a perk of being a blogger – so Scott Lewis joined Jake Goldsbie and John Noon to discuss:

* Kaleta’s suspension

* Stephen Weiss’ injury

* Malkin’s ridiculous goal

* Carter’s hat trick

* Doan’s 800th point

* And much more

You can listen to it here:

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  1. The Kaleta suspension is bullshit.

    Shanahan did what he could, but this is a shortened season (we’re kidding ourselves if we think it’s not a factor) and Richards came back to play. Shortened season, so no way Shanny could suspend him for more than 5 games.

    It’s a bullshit suspension. Everyone knows it. It should have been longer, and if this were a normal season maybe it would have been the normal length. We can only hope that the next time Kaleta pulls this crap (because let’s face it, he’s done it before and he’s gotten away with it, he did it this time and he sort of got away with it), he gets the WHOLE book thrown at him. Raffi Torres style. It’s a bullshit penalty for a hit that was completely illegal and never should have happened. In a full-length season, Kaleta would have gotten ten. In the season we have, he gets five and the rest of us snarl impotently at how silly the player discipline system can be.

  2. Minor correction – Doan overtook Tkachuk to be second overall in goals scored in the Jets 1.0/Coyotes franchise behind Dale Hawerchuk.

  3. You guys give a ton of hate to the Nashville Predators, but this year they’ve fully deserved it. We have far and away the worst offense in the NHL, might even be worse than some AHL teams. We have 2, yes TWO, players that have scored over 10 points this year (Wilson-15, Erat-12). Our “top” 2 centers (Fisher and Legwand) have a combined 15 points, also worst in the NHL. I cringe every time Fisher touches the puck. This team is not a playoff team. I hate agreeing with Maple Leafs fans, put you guys were correct when you all picked Nashville to miss the playoffs in this shortened seasoned.

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