During Tuesday night’s game between the New York Rangers and the Philadelphia Flyers, Rangers’ defenseman Marc Staal was hit directly in the eye by a Kimmo Timonen slapshot.

The way Staal went down was scary, so right now I’m not going to turn this into a debate about NHLers being forced to wear visors.

I just hope Marc Staal is okay.

UPDATE: Staal did not go to the hospital, hopefully this bodes well for the condition of his eye.


Video courtesy of HockeyVideoHD and photo courtesy of liam_mchugh


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  1. Couldn’t even bring myself to watch it. The still shot is bad enough. Hope the guy is OK.

  2. Yeah that was pretty gnarly.

    I’ll start the visor talk:

    The owners need to make it happen to protect their investments. The players didn’t want helmets, but they got them anyway. Same thing should happen with face gear.

    Mark Staal is only valuable to the Rangers when he’s on the ice with two eyes.

    As fan, I want to see the best players playing as often as possible. If that means creating rules to “protect players from themselves” (and each other), then so be it.

    • Pretty much full agreement from me, too.

      And this isn’t something I would have agreed with before, but I think it would be irresponsible of me to ignore all the numerous damning reports and debilitating player evidence regarding head injuries.

    • I can agree with your point of making it mandatory for players to wear visors, but then how you ensure that players wear them properly. I noticed this case in the last winter Olypmics. I’m guessing it’s international hockey rules that all players wear visors, since I noticed some players that normally wears visors (eg. Getzlaf, Thorton, Weber, Seabrook, Pronger, and E. Staal) wearing them in them during the games.

      But then I noticed this while watching a close up of Getzlaf during one of the games, he had the bottom of the visor angled up upwards so he was seeing clearly under the bottom (Thorton and Stall had the same set up I’m pretty sure as well).

      These were the visors they were wearing:

      So now what do you do? Make all NHLers wear the same visors that they make the players in junior wear during the IIHF u-19 tournament (they have to be screwed into the stop of the helmet as well as the sides).

      These are the visors they were in junior:

      • It’s honestly not difficult to ensure players where their visors properly. The reason they get away with wearing them improperly now is because nobody cares. Any ref can see the visor and enforce the rules.

  3. Mmm-hmm.

    Also: you ever see the Simpsons episode where Santa’s Little Helper gets hit in the eye with a frisbee?

    This was like that sort of, but not.

  4. The only people who care so much about wearing visors are the dumb players. There is no sport in the world, including boxing and MMA, that cares so much about being seen a tough, manly, and macho, as hockey. Its dumb.

    As of this moment, 8 of the top 10 scorers in the league wear a visor. 17 of the top 20 do. Anyone who says the stuff about “not being able to see” is feeding you BS.

    I spend thousands of dollars on season tickets, concessions, and ancillary stuff cause I like to watch hockey. I do not like to see guys get hurt when there are simple and insignificant ways to minimize the risks of that injury.

    • You’re definitely right about the not being able to see point. I’ve played with a visor and once you get used to it you forget it’s there. Also if it was about vision impairment then why is pretty much every skilled player in the league using them. The only ones I understand why they don’t wear them are the fighters and fighting is the only thing keeping them from being mandatory. The thing is there is no way the NHL can condone players removing their helmets when they want to fight so fighting in the game may be at risk if they become mandatory. I really don’t understand why a guy like Marc Staal does not wear one…he doesn’t fight and is on a team that emphasizes shot blocking…just mind boggling

      • “The thing is there is no way the NHL can condone players removing their helmets when they want to fight so fighting in the game may be at risk if they become mandatory”

        just another argument against fighting, in my view.

        • Just to counter on the fighting issue with visors. The AHL mandates that all players wear visors and there is still fighting in that league so it can be done.

        • The league does condone fighting though. No one thinks offsetting 5 minute penalties is an honest attempt to punish it or deter it. Why don’t they just do like Pro Wrestling did when they finally came out and admitted that its not real. Everyone already knew it and it made no difference. Just come out and say they condone fighting. Then they can pass a rule that says that you have to remove your helmet before you start fighting.

  5. Just mandate them already, for heavens’ sake! I’m sure it wouldnt take manufacturers more than 6 months to produce a version that could be snapped off easily so that players could fight without them yet still keep their helmets on.

  6. Didn’t Manny Malhotra get smoked in the face? How’s he doing these days…oh right….On the whole helmet/fight issue, take the fucker right off. Shouldn’t be an issue because if you’re balls enough to fight, you should be balls enough to take it right in the face. Also, it’s a courtesy to your opponent.

    • The fact that you equate a fist and puck is stupid. So you say no visors, because fighting. Your DNA should end with you and save the world a lot of trouble.

    • dude, fuck your opponent.. here have a clean shot at putting me out of the line up for a while… idiot

  7. they wear visors or cages in all forms of junior anyway.. just keep the shit on… i had somehitng like this happen to me once.. i wont get in to the intire story.. but i was born with cataracts, had lens replacement surgery when i was 13, then got an eye shot out playing hockey ( my brother felt pretty bad, he was on the other team and it was him ).. although i have no lens in my eye now ( turns out a shitty eye can function without a lens ) and no long term damage, i sure as fuck wished at that moment i had a visor… i aint gonna watch this video, i can tell you exactly how marc staal fell, it sucks balls

  8. for the amount of times don cherry calls someone a sissy for wearing a visor, some kid or nhler, gets an eye fucked up, as much as that old turd preaches safety on the ice, he sure gets a lot of people hurt

  9. Why not just phase them in like they did helmets? Make a rule saying everyone playing their first game as of the 2013-2014 season has to wear a visor. In 10 years 99% of the people playing will have them on.

    • Yes, grandfathering them in more than makes sense, especially since every young player today has always worn a visor. They are mandatory not only in junior, but in European leagues, the ECHL and the AHL.

      The macho argument is beyond stupid. A puck or a stick doesn’t care how tough you are.

  10. when your legs move that much you’re either faking or in the worst pain of your life, and im pretty sure a puck to the eye fucking hurts, hope he returns soon!

    • its cause it hurts.. happened to me, easily the worst pain ( and scariest feeling ) i’ve ever encountered, and ive wrecked my knee 3 times, destroyed two race cars, and various other painful shit

  11. On the vision argument, just have the players wear clear face shields that can snap off and then be snapped back in place if players want to fight

    • orrr. just get rid of fighting, is fighting really all that important?

      • Not to me but to a lot of fans, yes it is. And some of those fans are really good guys despite their bloodlust. It would be a painful transition to get rid of fighting.

  12. I don’t care how i’d be perceived, my ass would be wearing a full cage. I can’t wear the visors, I feel like Darth Vader in a claustrophobic encasement with my breathing in some sort of echo chamber. Give me the cage any day.

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