As a general rule, I hate organizational finger pointing. “That team dives,” “that team embellishes,” that team whines and cries,” and of course “that team has no class.”

Stay Classy.

Hearing a fan imply that one team is more or less likely to be cheap or dive is great for me, because I find it’s a pretty surefire way to separate the people whose hockey opinions I value from those I don’t. And I specify “fan,” because I can allow that someone like Julien might have some other motivation for making a claim like that aside from true belief.

But still, I’ll give some credit where credit is due: Claude Julien made the mistake of taking up the cause of removing embellishing from our game right after a tough loss to a rival, and deserves to make to look a little silly.

From YouTube-ist MAKAVELI719696, here’s Embellishment City.