Philadelphia Flyers v New York Rangers

From the Rangers website:

Following an injury suffered in last night’s game vs. Philadelphia, Rangers alternate captain Marc Staal was examined today in New York by Dr. Mark Fromer, ophthalmologist, and Dr. Mendel Markowitz, maxillofacial surgeon.

The injury has improved significantly and both doctors are optimistic that Marc will make a full recovery.

Staal will be sidelined indefinitely.

Excellent news for the young, talented d-man.

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  1. I feel like the puck JUST glanced off his helmet before making contact with his face, which may have saved the day.

  2. Thank God he’s recovering. Anything with the eyes is so scary.

  3. I think we’ll see him back with a visor from now on.

    On a side note, regarding face protection: I think it’s crazy that cages and full face shields have barely improved at all since I was kid. College players today are wearing basically the same cage/shields that I wore as a kid 15 years ago. Surely manufacturers could produce designs with lighter/thinner materials and less vision obstruction?

    • Reebok has a new design on a cage that I am using and is much nicer that other cages. Not sure what the model is called or anything, but it has flat bars instead of round, and feels much lighter than my old cage. There is no helmet movement due to the cage adding weight, like I had with older cages.

  4. Maybe he’ll wear a visor if he doesn’t have to wear a cup?


  5. Justin, judging from that headline, I’d say you do some side work writing Broadway Musical songs!

  6. The picture you guys have on really shows just how directly that puck hit his eye – I’m guessing his nose must have taken some of the brunt because wow.

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