Anaheim Ducks v St. Louis Blues

Hello! It’s the halfway point of the NHL schedule for some teams, which meant it was a good day to go back and revisit some of our pre-season predictions, for better or worse. We hit on:

* Most disappointing teams

* NHL attendance

* Brian Elliot’s year

* Shortened season effects

* Dziurzynski’s concussion

* Streakers

* And much more

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Comments (7)

  1. Leafs are 7-2 after a loss so far. If they can keep it up in the 2nd half, they are playoff bound for sure.

    Also, it is crazy to think about Chicago has 45 points out of a possible 48 at half. What do you think they will finish with?

  2. i’m sure these dorks will use some advanced stats to tell us all how its coming to an end soon

  3. RIP Stompin’ Tom.

    And it’s March 7… can you rerecord your intro? It confused me.

  4. Jeff, you’re right, if they keep that up they’ll be fine. However, there’s no logical reason why they would (or why they wouldn’t really). The 7-2 after a loss is just a result of having a decent record.

    Babalee, the “dorky” stat you’re looking for to explain why the Leafs will fall in the standings is called PDO. Thanks bye.

  5. I’d like to see some sort of solution to stage fighting and goons in the NHL that involves requiring a certain amount of minimum time played per game proportional to penalty minutes received for fighting. A ratio that, if not met, gives a team penalty or player suspension situation. Something that pushes teams to sign and play guys that they actually plan on having contribute rather than just fight.

    • until someone like david branch takes over the league.. shit all aint happening about fighting

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